Xtrema Cookware Reviews

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Xtrema cookware is. Then we recommend the Xtrema Traditions Wok with Lid As the best one in our Xtrema cookware reviews.

Next time you’re trying to bring new cookware to your kitchen, there’s no need to browse the entire web. Instead, you can choose Xtrema cookware.

With our Xtrema cookware reviews, you will learn all there is to know about this brand and why it is such a fantastic choice.

To give you an idea: it is one of the best brands when it comes to pure ceramic constructions. You won’t find any brand as reliable, well-made, and efficient as Xtrema when it comes to ceramic pans & pots.

If you are eager to learn everything this brand has to offer – then come further and find out! You won’t regret it!

What is Xtrema?

Before we go into depth, let’s explain what Xtrema is.

This is a cookware brand that comes from the 1960s. But before going to cookware, this brand focused on glass and ceramic pottery.

Then, in 2004, its owners decided to give a total rework to the brand. Now, they weren’t creating pottery and decoration – they decided to focus entirely on cookware.

But Xtrema didn’t become the standard cookware brand. Instead, it started to produce Pure Ceramic Cookware. There’s not a single inch of metal, plastic, or any other material in Xtrema cookware. Everything is made of ceramic in every way.

That’s why we love Xtrema so much. They decided to give the market a unique type of cookware that’s not so easy to find nowadays. Luckily, Xtrema is always there for you – and for us.

Pure Ceramic Cookware vs. Ceramic Coated Cookware

So, now that you are familiar with Xtrema ceramic cookware, let’s explain the difference between pure ceramic and ceramic coated cookware. Here’s what you need to know:

Ceramic cookware doesn’t have any type of material apart from ceramic. In contrast, ceramic coated cookware usually has a metal core, metal handles, and more.

Pure ceramic cookware does not scratch. When you get a ceramic-coated pan or pot, you can experience scratching and chipping.

Pure ceramic is lighter than metal with coatings. You won’t have to battle against weight when using pure ceramic cookware, while ceramic-coatings don’t reduce the weight of the metal core.

Ceramic pans and pots are more expensive. Using pure ceramic makes them more challenging to make, this ends up in a higher price most of the time.

These are some of the differences between pure ceramic cookware and metal cores with ceramic coatings. Take them into account before you buy your next cookware set.

Why Use Xtrema Ceramic Cookware?

Xtrema cookware is fantastic. And here are a few reasons why:

Retains Heat Better

While metal cookware tends to heat up really fast, it is ceramic cookware that offers long-lasting heat.

To give you a better idea, Xtrema cookware will stay hot for up to 7 minutes after using it. This is much better than aluminum that stays hot for only 3 minutes and slightly better than cast-iron that stays hot for 5 minutes.


There’s no limit to the different ways you can use Xtrema cookware.  You can use it anywhere from the microwave to the barbecue or grill, stovetops, and even glass tops.

Apart from that, you can place Xtrema pans and pots in the freezer without issues, or the dishwasher without any fear.

Healthy & Safe

With cast-iron and Teflon-coated cookware, you may end up with broken-down particles of the material in your food.

But with ceramic cookware, this doesn’t happen. You can use Xtrema for that – so your food always tastes like food and not metal, plastics, or anything else.

Durable & Reliable

While Xtrema ceramic cookware seems fragile, it is not. Every pot, pan, skillet, or saucepan from this brand is durable enough to last years without a single scratch, warp, or chipping. Even cleaning is way easier to do as nothing sticks to the surface.

And that’s something you won’t get with standard metal cookware.

How to Pick the Best Xtrema Ceramic Cookware?

Before we go into our Xtrema cookware reviews, we want you to have a better idea of what to look for. Here are a few factors you should consider before buying:

Type of Cookware

There’s nothing more important when choosing your next piece of cookware than knowing what you’re going to use it for.

The first thing to consider is whether you want a pot, pan, skillet, saucepan, Dutch oven, or anything else.

Pots are ideal for cooking soups and similar stuff. A pan, wok, or skillet works well for eggs, meats, and vegetables. When it comes to a saucepan, you will get the perfect piece for cooking sauces & salads. And a Dutch oven helps to cook things like chickens, meats, and other veggies with steam.

Remember that almost all Xtrema cookware pieces are oven-friendly, but some of them are not. If you’re going to use the piece of the oven, make sure it doesn’t have a silicone or rubber handle.

For anything else, just make sure it fits the design, size, and capacity you need.


You’ll want a piece of cookware that works as best as possible with your kitchen, but that you can also handle with ease.

That’s why going for the most comfortable handles and lids possible is always a nice way of ensuring an excellent experience when cooking.

Luckily, Xtrema doesn’t leave any of that behind. You will get some of the most comfortable & easy-to-use designs in the market. But still, some handles are better than others – especially the ones with rubber or silicone covers.


After considering the type of cookware you need and the comfort it offers, make sure it provides the ideal size for your requirements.

Some Xtrema pieces are larger than others. So be careful when choosing – you don’t want to get something too big or too small.

5 Best Xtrema Cookware Reviews

Now that you’re aware of all the important things about this brand, let’s now go into our Xtrema ceramic cookware reviews. Here, you’ll learn all about 5 high-end models from Xtrema – so read up!

1. Xtrema Traditions Wok with Lid

The first item from this brand we’re going over is the Traditions Wok. As you can see by its design, this is a slightly different product from what you’re used to – not a pan or pot, but in-between.A wok is what Chinese people to cook most of their food – offering the fast heating of a pan but with the convenience of a pot.

But sure enough, it comes with the unique ceramic construction that makes Xtrema such a great choice. It will make it hard for food to stick and utensils to scratch the surface.

The design is also ideal, you can get it in either 8 or 11 inches according to your needs. Each model comes with an Easy-Grab handle boasting silicone. It allows a cool grip with tons of comfort.

You will also get another small handle on the other side, so you can grab the wok more easily. And the top lid also made of ceramic for even better handling. You will simply love it.


  • Excellent design sizes for convenience
  • Perfect handles design for easy handling
  • Stylish & well-made in its entirety


  • Needs seasoning for the non-stick to work
  • Smaller than expected

2. Xtrema Traditions Skillet with Lid

Coming in three different sizes, the Xtrema skillet offers the chance to equip your kitchen with an easy to use and effective piece of cookware. There’s nothing about this skillet not to like.Let’s start with its simple design. You won’t get something too exuberant that will impress you at first sight. But it will still look good – especially if you love classic cookware style. The color is a dark brown that will match both modern and classical kitchen decorations.

This pairs up well with simple handle design. You can get the 7-inches model with a non-coated handle. This one is ideal for those who want to have direct contact with the ceramic. But for those who want a stay-cool handle, both the 9.5 and 10 inches model will work well enough.

The surface is totally non-scratch, the lid comes with a practical handle on top, and the entire skillet is super light. Apart from all that, it ensures proper durability & results. You won’t regret buying this one. 


  • Simplistic but stylish ceramic construction
  • A convenient set of handling parts
  • Different size options for practicality


  • Only comes in small sizes which can be inconvenient
  • The bottom is not flat

3. Xtrema Versa Dutch Oven

What piece of cookware is better for a nice soup or some steamy vegetables than a Dutch oven? Xtrema does its best with this piece so you can obtain exceptional cooking results without wasting any effort.This is a 10.5-quart piece that will offer enough space for an entire chicken. That’s how large it is, and how much you can place inside.

But the perfect use would be to make all kinds of stews and broths, as well as side dishes like soaring meats or vegetables. It’s even heating and super versatile design also make it ideal for oven cooking if needed.

The design boasts a set of handles on the sides. They’re small but enough to operate the pot efficiently, either on the oven or on the stovetop. And with the lid on top, also made entirely of ceramic, you get one of the most practical models out there.

When it comes to making quality soaring meals & stews, this Dutch oven should be your go-to option.


  • Large design holds tons of food
  • Easy-to-use side handles
  • Works in stovetops & ovens alike


  • Doesn’t offer size options to pick from
  • The lid doesn’t fit perfectly on top

4. Xtrema Traditions Saucepan With Lid

If we’re talking about Xtrema pans, we can’t leave the Traditions Saucepan behind. As its name says, this is the perfect piece of cookware to prepare your sauces & similar foods.Whatever you need to cook that has a high liquid content, then this small 1-quart saucepan will be your best bet. It is simple to use, super practical, and offers a wide array of cooking options no matter what you’re looking for.

It even comes with a long non-coated handle that makes it super easy to operate. You grab the handle and use the pan on your stovetop without problems – as it doesn’t get as hot as the body despite not having a cover.

The lid on this piece differs from others. This time, you get a rounded handle that you can grab with more ease – making the whole saucepan look more like a coffee pot.

Whether you want to make soups, stews, sauces, or delicious noodles – the Traditions Saucepan will come like a gem.


  • Super small & handy design
  • Cooks a wide array of highly liquid foods
  • The practical handle makes it easy to operate


  • The small design doesn’t fit too much food
  • Awkward design is a little unstable

5. Xtrema Versa Sauce Pot

Now that we’ve gone through the Xtrema frying pan, wok, skillet, and saucepan – it is time to meet a pot. This time, it is the turn of Versa Sauce Pot.Also made of ceramic in its entirety, this one offers a huge advantage over all other pieces in the list: you can pick between six different sizes according to what you’re looking for.

It starts at 16 ounces, a small version for those who want to cook just a little food. But you can also pick between 1.5 quart and 3.5 quarts. Each one offers enough food for two or three people. But if you want the largest models, then you can go for the 5.5 or 8.5-quart options – enough for several people.

Each model is super reliable and easy to use, coming with seamless handles on the borders. The lids fit extremely well and come with the standard handle on top for easy use.

There’s just nothing about this saucepot not to like. You can even use it in the microwave – that’s how fantastic it is.


  • Good-looking appearance with seamless handles
  • Comes in six different size options
  • Super thick and durable construction


  • Hard to use with awkward handles
  • The thick build makes it slow to heat up


Now that you’ve gone through our Xtrema cookware reviews, it is time to pick the right model for your needs.

Remember that Xtrema is impressive no matter what you pick. But if we had to pick one – we would go for the Xtrema Traditions Wok with Lid. It lets you cook almost anything without being hard or challenging to handle.

Yet, if you want something for your soups, stews, sauces, and other meals – then go for the Xtrema Versa Sauce Pot. The thick construction ensures a durable product and exceptional cooking experience.

Whatever you go for – make sure it matches your demands. You’ll have both pans and pots to choose from – so be careful before buying. Do that, and you won’t regret it!