best wood for Cutting board – Cut Your Meats & Vegetables Quick!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best wood for cutting boards is. Then we recommend the Sounder Los Angeles Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board. As the best in our wood for cutting for board reviews.

Are you constantly damaging your countertop when chopping vegetables? Do you struggle to find a hard surface as support when cutting meats? Or can’t you find a proper cutting board for your kitchen needs?

Whatever the reason – the best wood for cutting boards we’ll show you here will surely meet your demands.

With one of these, you can make all your kitchen preparations without losing a single second, wasting any effort, and eventually damaging anything.

We’ve spent several years going over dozens of cutting boards on our kitchens. But we eventually found out that only a few are worth having. Here, we focus on our 5 favorite ones as well as a small guide on what to consider when buying. Care to learn more about them? Come and find out!

garlic on the cutting board

Benefits of Getting a Wooden Cutting Board

While they look like any other cutting board you can get, there are actually some benefits from using a wooden model instead of any other. Here are some of them:


There’s no mistake on this – wood lasts much more than plastic and similar materials. The advantage mostly comes from the fact that wood handles moisture, dust, dirt, and heat effortlessly. On top of that, they don’t get scratched easily by metal.

In comparison, plastics tend to get dirty too fast, smell awful after some time, could grow mildew, and sometimes may even melt or lose strength with heat. And what’s worse: they get damaged easily with knives.


There’s no doubt about it – wood cutting boards are far cleaner and easier to maintain than any other material you can get.

Wood tends to absorb bacteria to the point of making it inaccessible. These bacteria will die inside the wood and never leave any trace.

In contrast, acrylics and plastics tend to store bacteria in crevices which could eventually transfer all of the smell and bacteria-related properties to your food. This could be an easy way for harmful bacteria to get into your food.

Hugely Ecological

Lastly and probably more importantly: wood is more ecological and far easier to get rid of than plastic and metals.

While glass can last hundreds or thousands of years to fully degrade, wood may only take a few dozen – and it doesn’t produce any side effect in the environment.

slicing meat on the wooden cutting board

What to Look For When Buying a Wooden Cutting Board

Once you’re familiar with the different advantages of getting a wooden board, it is time to learn how you can pick the best wood for cutting boards. Here are a few factors to think about:


This is mostly personal than genuinely objective. But the rule is always getting for the largest board possible that matches your kitchen.

For example, if you have a small kitchen, then you’ll want a small cutting board. But if you have a large kitchen, then a gigantic model will do.

For small options, we recommend anything around 14-inches in length and 8-inches in width. As for large ones, anything over 15-inches in length and 10-inches in width will do.

Don’t rush out, though. You may still need to go for a decently thick board. We usually recommend anything over 1-inch in thickness. But if you can a little lower than that with the right wood, then you shouldn’t have issues.

Practicality & Ease of Use

Another vital factor to think about when going over several wooden cutting boards is the practicality you want. Remember, these utensils are often difficult to move around and may not offer too many storage options.

For that, you can get something with handles, convenient juice trench for cleaning, and the ability to secure firmly to the countertop.

Whatever you can get that makes the handling & use better, that’s a sign quality that you shouldn’t overlook.

Types of Wood

There’s nothing better to get a nice board than choosing the best wood for cutting board possible. Here, you’ll find four major options:


If you want your cutting boards to last several years, acacia wood is an excellent alternative. The advantage comes from its weather-resistant properties along with sturdy construction. If you want a long-lasting board, acacia is an excellent choice.


Probably the grainiest in the market, but the most resilience as well – bamboo can handle all types of wear. You won’t experience too many issues with bamboo, and it makes sure you can use it however you prefer.


Known for its popularity and overall looks, maple is an expensive yet hugely reliable alternative for high-end users. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, a maple model is your way to go. Consider that you may end up paying a little more for one of these – but it will be totally worth it.


For those who are expecting to get the least scratches and chipping out of their boards, they won’t find anything better than teak. It is among the most durable, resistant, and smoothest options for cutting boards out there.

5 Best Wood for Cutting Boards

Getting the ideal wooden chopping boards for your demands is not an easy job. There are so many different things you have to consider that it can take you days, months, or even years. But to save you all that time and effort – here are 5 reviews of the best models we’ve tried:

1.    SoulFino Acacia Butcher Block Cutting Board

Among the many brands available out there, few offer exceptional quality without leaving anything to be desired. That’s what you get with SoulFino – especially with the Acacia Butcher Blockboard.The first thing you’ll notice about this model is a mess-free experience. It comes with a deep channel on its sides which makes sure nothing gets out of the board when using it. On top of that, the surface is effortless to clean, which saves you time and effort after using it.

But it is also huge in design. It boasts 17 inches in length and 13 inches in width, which is ideal for working comfortably without pouring any food outside.

What really stands out, though, is the high-quality Acacia construction that lasts a lifetime. This pairs up well with its sustainable properties, which makes sure it prevents the elements from damaging it.

And when you add the reversible design so you can use it on both sides, then you get an even better product overall.

You can also get this model in Maple and Bamboo if needed.


  • Comes in different build options
  • Large & comfy design
  • Durable construction overall
  • Handy trenches & handles


  • The huge design may be challenging to handle
  • The smooth surface may slide on countertops

2.    Sounder Los Angeles Reversible Acacia Cutting Board

If you’re looking for a wood cutting board with handle – then you’ll find an excellent option in the Reversible Cutting Board from Sounder Los Angeles.As its name says, this is a reversible model that allows extra convenience. You won’t have to clean the board after using it if you eventually want any other type of food. Just turn the table upside down, and it will be ready for more cutting.

It is still durable & well-made, boasting a 1.5-inches thick build that offers extra durability and resilience. You won’t have to treat this board with care. As it comes with a resistant finish, it also stands scratches really well.

On the other hand, you get deep grooves for the juices and liquids. You won’t have to be constantly dipping the board to the sides to let the liquid fall. Instead, everything will store on the drains and prevent any wasted time.

As for the build, you’ll get Acacia. Probably the most eco-friendly and durable for the cost – this board won’t disappoint you.


  • Durable & well-made Acacia build
  • Extra thick for more durability & strength
  • Large design at 16 by 12 for extra space
  • Smoothest & easiest to clean surface out there


  • May scratch more easily than expected
  • Feels heavy & awkward to handle

3.    Utopia Kitchen Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

While massive and gigantic boards are worth considering, nothing compares to a super practical thin option. And that’s what you’re getting with the Extra Large Bamboo Board from Utopia.This is a modest option for modest people – made of bamboo to deliver superb durability & resilience. You can easily cut and chop anything, from meats to bread, and much more without any problem.

The colossal advantage comes from the ultra-thin construction that makes it light and easy to handle. And with a sunflower oil finish on the surface, you get a smooth and easy to clean model.

Despite all of that, it boasts a design of 17 inches of length by 12 inches in width, which is ideal for working comfortably.

It doesn’t matter what you’re making or for what purpose – you can make it possible with this model. The best of all is the price tag – which you can quickly get without breaking your wallet.

One of the few boards that use Bamboo, but easily one of the best.


  • High-quality Bamboo construction for resilience
  • Decently-sized for extra cutting space
  • Extremely cheap for the quality
  • Easy to handle & bring around


  • Small grooves won’t work too well
  • Thin and fragile build

4.    Ziruma Large Teak Wood Cutting Board

If you want quality without having to spend a fortune in cutting boards – then teak comes like a perfect choice. And the Ziruma Large Board is probably your best bet.It comes with a handcrafted teak build that allows you to enjoy a stylish design. This pairs up well with a super smooth surface and a natural oil finish which keeps the board cleaner, easier to clean, and much more durable.

The design is large enough to make any of your cutting effortlessly. At 17 inches in length by 11 inches in width, it works well on any countertop without being messy.

You will still get ideal grooves on the sides, which prevents food liquids from making a mess on your countertop.

Lastly, you can totally rely on the quality of its teak build. It is specifically built to prevent harm to the environment and still provide several years of use.  

And for a pretty decent cost – you can say this model from Ziruma is not an option to dismiss.


  • Superb teak build for extra style & durability
  • Handy grooves prevent liquids from spilling
  • Uniquely smooth surface for cleaning ease
  • The stylish exterior looks fantastic on any kitchen


  • Thin cracks may store bacteria over time
  • Lack of handles makes it tricky to use

5. Sounder Los Angeles Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board

There’s nothing handier than a large wood cutting board for your kitchen. And guess what: Sounder Los Angeles makes it all possible.This is an artisan model board that comes with a multipurpose design that you can use for almost anything. But the real benefit comes from its unbeatable finish, appearance, and overall design.

It manages to provide decent practicality with its handle on the sides. But it also comes with deep and wide grooves that prevent liquids from spilling outside.

Another exceptional advantage comes from its teak construction. It allows any user to get several years up to decades of use without problems. And with its unique finish, you can clean it in no time, enjoy a stylish surface, and handle it without problems.

It is a 1.5-inches thick, 13-inches wide and 17-inches long – an almost perfect design for handiness and extra space. Whatever you want this cutting board for – it won’t disappoint.


  • Ultra-attractive surface and looks
  • Deep grooves & smooth surface for convenience
  • Excellent size for easy usage
  • Long-lasting & beautiful teak build


  • More expensive than its alternatives
  • The surface can feel a little porous and grainy


After going all the way through this article – you’re ready to pick the perfect model for your needs. There are several things to consider, though, and it may still take you a lot of time. So, to save you that time – here’s what we think:

You should go for the Sounder Los Angeles Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board if you can afford it. This model comes with almost no real disadvantage and delivers the most stylish of all finishes out there.

But if you don’t find it as good as we do – then you can still pick the SoulFino Acacia Butcher Block Cutting Board. It comes in several kinds of woods, with proper size, and attractive appearance.

Whatever you go for, just remember that the best wood for cutting boards should help you make your cutting better and nothing else. As long as you think about that when buying – then you’re ready to pick the best model.