Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker – Cook Anything to the Bone!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best stovetop pressure cooker is. Then we recommend the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker. As the best in our stovetop pressure cooker reviews.

Everyone needs a pressure cooker at home. Cooking hard meats, making soups, or just preparing meals much faster than with any other alternative – you can get a lot done with one of these cookers.

But to truly enjoy all they offer, you’ll have to get the best stovetop pressure cooker possible. For that, we have a pretty good article for you.

Here, you’ll find every single piece of information necessary to make the buying process a piece of cake, as well as several reviews of the highest-quality options out there.

As experienced chefs who have gone over dozens of different models in the market – we know exactly what you should think about. Come further and learn everything we have to tell you!

Why Get a Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

They are probably among the most versatile pieces of cookware that you can get for your kitchen. You could cook meats and similar food 70% faster than with any other pot.

But they also offer many other advantages, such as:

  • Soften up tough foods quicker than with any other type of cooking. The pressure inside a stovetop cooker will make sure that even the hardest of meats, vegetables or fruits get soft in no time.
  • Defrosting meals is always way faster with a pressure cooker due to the heat temperatures inside. You can easily get an entire chicken cooked in half the time a regular pot would take.
  • Concentrating the flavor and juices of food is easier this way. The pressurized cooking process they offer helps to cook food more effectively, which improves the taste and smell of your meals.

These are all advantages of using a stovetop cooker with pressurized design. Next, you’ll learn about how you can get the most out of them.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker stove top offers many pros. But you won’t be able to get the most out of one if you don’t know how. Here’s what you should do:

Use Durability as an Advantage

Usually coming with a stainless steel or aluminum construction, pressure cookers are utterly resilient. They will stand several hours over a flame or heating element without wearing off at the minimum.

If you need to cook things for several hours – either to soften them up or just to defrost them – then you can do so with one of these.

Temperature is Your Friend

Many people are scared of fire – while others use fire to their advantage. That’s what a pressure cooker offers: the chance to use heat as a considerable benefit.

This happens because most of them offer the chance to control temperature more effectively. If you need to keep the temperature in check, one of these cookers can be your best bet.

Regular or Irregular Cooker

If you can’t find a regular pot for your bowl of pasta – then a pressurized cooker can be an excellent idea. Offering the chance of cooking your food a lot faster, you can enjoy one of these as standard cookware without losing any convenience in the process.

Save Money & Time

On the other hand, pressure cookers will obviously reduce the amount of time you spend in your kitchen. You will know that the pressure is doing its work once the boiling alert (beep sound when the pressure goes out through the top valve) starts. So, it saves you a lot of time wasted in the kitchen.

These were all the most practical ways to get the best out of a stovetop cooker. If you want to learn more about what they offer – then keep reading!

What to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Cooker?

You won’t be able to pick the highest-quality model if you don’t know what to look for. Luckily for you, we know what to consider and a little more:

Size or Capacity

The measurement unit of the size or capacity of a cooker is Quartz. We usually recommend a 6-quart pressure cooker as a beginner. You will have the chance to cook all your favorite meals without restraints. But you may also find 8 quart, 10 quart, or even 6-quart models for extra capacity.

Easy to Clean

While a pressure cooker seems like a simple pot – they are not. Most of them come with unique parts that help produce the pressurized environment inside. And those parts eventually get dirty after using. You’ll want your cooker to be easy to clean (dishwasher safe if possible) so you save time and effort in the process.

Material & Durability

There are two primary materials to consider when it comes to pressure cookers: aluminum and stainless steel. Here, we explain what each one offers:


These are incredibly light and easy to handle. Even if you pour a lot of food inside, you won’t have any issue placing, cooking, and getting the most out of the cooking.

Aluminum is still durable and offers decent protection against rust, wearing, and other common metal side effects. But don’t worry – aluminum is also among the most affordable options you can get.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel stovetop pressure cooker will offer the chance to cook your foods effectively with its superb heat transmission. But it will also help to get exceptional quality overall, which prevents rust and other negative metal factors.

On top of that, the non-stick surface of the steel is way easier to clean and more effective to cook with when compared to other materials – so it is easily your best choice.

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5 Best Stovetop Pressure Cookers Reviews 2019

If you want the most reliable & well-made stovetop pressure cooker – then you’ll need to read about it. With the following section, you’ll learn about 5 of the highest-quality alternatives to consider:

 Fissler FISS Vitaquick Pressure Cooker

The first model we have for you comes from Fissler. The FiSS Vitaquick is a high-end model for those who are willing to pay a nice sum for their pressure cooker.It is made of stainless steel which ensures excellent durability. But its great advantage comes from its resistance to constant heating and a superb easy-to-clean surface.

The real uniqueness comes from a Superthermic base that ensures exceptional heat distribution across the pot. It retains heat effective as well and makes sure you can cook fast and effectively.

This pairs up well with a superb safety closure. It helps you keep the cooker shut and prevent any pressure from getting out.  On top of that, you get a safety indication, ideal to know when the safety system is working as soon as you close the lid.

Of course, it comes with a steam-release function which lets you prevent overpressure inside and keep the cooker safe. This goes well with the two-mark indicator, so you can change the cooking mode from gentle to speed if needed.


  • Effective cooking with Superthermic base
  • Safe & practical lid-closing system
  • Long-lasting & reliable steel build
  • Comes in a wide array of sizes


  • More expensive than the regular option
  • The slightly conical shape may decrease consistency

Fagor EzLock Pressure Cooker

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning a Fagor stovetop pressure cooker, and we do it with a great reason. The EzLock cooker is an exceptional model that takes cooking to a whole new level.This model comes in three different sizes: 6-quart, 7.4-quart, and 8-quart. Each one offers a little more than the previous model – but they are all well-priced and well-made.

The considerable advantage of this model is the ideal construction that offers durability and superb heat efficiency. Its stainless steel build allows you to get several years of use but also a much more resilient cookware piece.

To make it even better, you still get a reliable locking system which prevents leaking and leaching. You can easily activate it by turning the knob on top – which also helps to close and open the lid without effort.

Finally, it comes with a Max-Fill line that will help you avoid overfilling or taking the pressure cooker to unwanted levels. And if you want even more out of it, you can still enjoy its 50-recipe book and steamer basket that only Fagor offers.


  • Durable & efficient stainless steel build
  • Reliable locking system for extra safety
  • The extremely affordable price tag
  • Practical accessories with recipe book & steamer


  • The lid design can be tricky to wash
  • Awkward handles are not the best

T-fal P45009 Clipso Pressure Cooker

For us, there’s no better brand when it comes to getting the best quality for the price than T-Fal. And the P45009 Clipso is a perfect example of that.You can make anything you want with this model, as it offers 8-quart of capacity and delivers a flawless heat distribution. It will keep you from having to turn up the gas or waiting several hours for your food to cook. Instead, you can get everything done in way less time than alternatives.

This all happens with a high-quality stainless steel build, ensuring durability but also perfect heating capacity.

Along with its construction, you can also enjoy a one-hand system for closing and opening. You won’t have to use both your hands which make it extra convenient.

The side handles achieve even more practicality, along with a variable steam-release valve which keeps you posted when it starts working.

Another huge advantage is that you can place it in the dishwasher and save lots of time and effort. Just make sure that you remove the gasket and pressure valve – then you’ll be ready to enjoy one of the handiest models out there.


  • Ideal heat distribution with steel build
  • Easy-to-grab side handles
  • Practical dishwasher-safe design
  • Opens and closes easily & safely


  • Harder to clean than expected
  • Re-closing the lid after checking can be challenging

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Cooker

If you are a demanding user who wants only the best of the best, then you’ll appreciate the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic. This is the best stovetop pressure cooker that you can get for the price.The first thing you’ll notice is an 18/10 stainless steel build that looks fantastic. But it is not the material but the unique saucepan-style design that makes handling a piece of cake. With its single handle, you can place and transport the cooker around effortlessly.

It heats effectively nonetheless, as it comes with a steel body and aluminum that increases the heating effectiveness. You can start cooking with this ware in a few minutes and get everything done faster than with regular pots.

The whole design boasts a 5-quart capacity that lets you place a lot of food inside. It is not the largest, but a decent amount.

As for the valve & safety system, you get a spring-loaded pressure release valve. To make it better, the locking function is automatic, which prevents you from burning your hands when using.


  • Steel & aluminum build for heat efficiency
  • Super practical saucepan-style design
  • Safe & reliable auto-locking system
  • The long-lasting spring-loaded pressure valve


  • Can burn food without proper attention
  • The locking system can be tricky to manage

T-fal P25144 Pressure Cooker

Coming back the fairest brands in the market, we now find another T-Fal model: the P25144. This high-quality pressure cooker will cook your food fast and easy without breaking your bank.You can make this cooker work even with induction heating, thanks to a unique stainless steel body and base. But this build not only helps to cook in different ways, but it also aids at lasting a lifetime – so you can use it for decades.

An excellent feature of this model is the pressure indicator, helping you know when the cooker is about to go off. And with the variable control valve, you can set the desired amount of pressure, from 10 to 15 PSI.

Apart from all that, you get an easy-to-use design with a single pan handle. It locks the lid in place securely but also improves the overall handling ease. You won’t have any problems enjoying a nicely-cooked meal without dangers.

Surely, though, it comes at a decent size with 6-quart capacity. If you like enough cooking availability, this model will come like a gem.


  • High-quality steel build overall
  • Handy pressure-valve control
  • Ultra-safe locking system
  • Easy-to-use with single-handle design


  • Release valve makes a deafening sound
  • The locking system can be tricky to master


Now that you’ve learned all you know about stovetop pressure cookers – it is time to pick one. But we know this is not easy.

That’s why we want to help you out by saying that the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker is among the best models you can get. With its wide array of features and unique heating capacity, you won’t get many options as practical as this one. Sadly, it comes at a really high price.

That makes the Fagor EzLock Pressure Cooker the second-best option in the whole list. It offers everything its expensive alternatives offer but at a way affordable cost.

Still, don’t dismiss any of the other best stovetop pressure cooker options in this article. They are all worth having. So go and pick yours now!