Best Small Rice Cooker – Let Your Rice Cook Anywhere You Go!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best small rice cooker is. Then we recommend the Panasonic SR-3NA Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker. As the best one in our small rice cooker reviews. (Check our Zojirushi rice cookers for more options)

For people who don’t want to cook much rice every day but just enough for one or two people – the best small rice cooker will always come like a great choice.

It’s simple, effortless to use, and offers the chance to bring anywhere you go. That’s what you get with a tiny cooker.

You don’t have to spend much time cleaning them, the cooking process is almost as effective, and price tends to be far lower than with its biggest alternatives.

One of these cookers can easily change your life to a more convenient and practical one. And that’s why we’re talking about the small but still high-quality options out there.

We’re also helping you pick the right model, as well as giving you general information so you can get the most out of your appliance. Want to learn more about them? Then don’t waste more of your time and read up!

Types of Small Rice Cookers

While every small rice cooker looks similar to its alternatives, they are actually a little different. Here, we’re explaining how various models can differ from each other:


The conventional model is simple. You just add rice to it, some water, then just press the button, and that’s it.

This model will cook your rice in a few minutes (20 to 60) depending on its size and overall capacity. And you won’t have to do much more than pressing a few buttons to start.

With one of these, though, you won’t be able to cook meats, steamed vegetables, or prepare soups. That minimizes how much you can get out of it – but will make the whole piece easy to use.


As for multi-purpose appliances, you will have the chance to cook practically anything you want. They tend to be a little larger than conventional models, but tend to offer the same kind of performance.

But of course, you can cook meats, steam vegetables, prepare soups, and may even unique dishes that wouldn’t be possible with other models.  

A multi=purpose model tends to be a little harder to use than a conventional one. But that difficulty comes from the ability to deliver a much more varied set of results.

rice on a white plate

Factors That Matter When Buying a Mini Rice Cooker

When you go and search for a portable rice cooker, you’ll want something no less than fantastic. That’s why it is critical to know what you should be looking for and why. The following factors will help you with that:

Pot or Pan Durability

The first thing we always recommend prioritizing is the material that composes the cooking pot or pan. That’s the part that goes into the interior in which you place the rice and water.

To make sure it is durable, you should go for something like aluminum or stainless steel. You may find other materials like ceramic or clay, but they aren’t as durable, yet still decent.

Size or Capacity

The amount of rice you can place inside the cooker is also an essential factor to think about. You won’t like to get short of space inside or eventually get too much that finally leaves your rice uncooked.

For a small model, you can go for anything close to 1 cup or up to 5 cups of capacity. Remember, each cup represents about one to two rations.

But it’s vital also to know that uncooked and cooked cups are different. For example, one cup of uncooked rice can transform into 1.5 up to 2 cups of cooked rice depending on the type of rice and method. So, be careful when choosing.

Lid Type

Most of these machines come with a closed lid. They are helpful to keep steam and heat inside. But they don’t let you watch the rice while it cooks.

That’s why going for a see-through lid can always be useful. You don’t have to choose one necessarily, but it will surely make your experience better.

If you can go for a stainless steel model, that would be even better. Also, make sure it is detachable to allow effortless cleaning.

Ease of Use

The whole purpose of a rice cooker is to make the preparation easy and time-saving. That’s why you should focus on ease of use if you want a better experience with the machine.

It is important to note that not all cookers are similar when it comes to operation. Some of them come with a one-touch system in which you just need to push a button, and that’s it. But others are a little more complicated, offering a wide array of features and options to cook your rice.

Of course, a conventional model with the one-touch system is way better if you want simplicity. But if you appreciate practicality and extra features, advanced models with slightly harder controls can be your best choice.

Cleaning Ease

There’s no point in getting a rice cooker that eventually becomes a headache to clean. For that, we recommend easy-to-clean models with bowls and lids that are dishwasher safe. And of course, a non-stick surface and tight design that doesn’t drip steam or water can always help.


From serving spoons to ladles, measuring cups, insert trays, steam baskets, and many other accessories are all useful to have. If you can go for a rice cooker model that offers at least some of them, you are going for a more practical product.

some rice and meat on a white plate

Features To Look for in a Small Rice Cooker

After learning about the different factors that make a mini rice cooker ideal, you may also need to consider a few features that could improve the experience of using them. The following list will help you get a more practical model overall:

  •       Light or sound indicators will let you know when the rice is ready to prevent a mess
  •       Auto shut-off systems help to avoid the rice from overcooking
  •       A keep-warm feature will make sure your rice doesn’t cool down
  •       A delay timer may help you increase the cooking time with precision
  •       Reheating cycles provide ideal results after several hours
  •       The fuzzy logic or micro-computer feature cooks your rice effective without tweaking
  •       A quick-cook function always increases overall convenience
  •       Texture options may help to get the right rice result
  •       Steam, simmer, and slow cook functions to achieve all kinds of rice

All these functions will improve the experience of using a rice cooker. Don’t overlook them when you spot them – you won’t regret it. (Other Japanese Cookers can also be worth considering)

5 Best Small Rice Cookers Reviews 2019

You went through all the critical factor, features, and info about rice cookers you should know. Now it is time to learn about the best models out there. The following section contains 5 reviews of the highest-quality options you’ll find – check them and decide which one is worth having.

Hamilton Beach 37518 Rice Cooker

Want to cook enough rice for up to 8 people or more? The Hamilton Beach 37518 is the ideal tiny cooker to go for.It offers the chance to cook 8 cups of rice without problems. But you can’t not only make rice with this machine, but you can also prepare a wide array of other grains, vegetables, cereals, meats, seafood, and more.

You can prepare the rice however you prefer too, as it comes with a rice rinser and a steam basket. Whether you prefer the rice dry, steamed, or juicier – this cooker helps you achieve it.

Another excellent feature is the pre-programmed set of settings. You can prepare your food with a single touch of a button depending on what you want. Say goodbye to annoying and demanding controls.

On top of all that, it will alert you when the rice is done with a beeping sound. Along with its top handle that prevents you from burning, you can say this is a hugely practical model. And all of that comes at a decent cost.


  • Works well with a wide array of foods
  • Simple and effortless controls
  • The excellent size makes a lot of rice
  • Practical design makes it easy to use


  • Cheap construction is not as durable as expected
  • Not the smallest option

DCIGNA Mini Rice Cooker

If you’re going for portability above anything else, then no model will fit your demands like the DCIGNA Mini Rice Cooker.It offers 1 to 3 cups of rice capacity, which is ideal for 1 to 3 people. And it cooks whatever amount you pour inside in just 30 minutes. For anyone who wants fast and effective results, nothing compares to this model.

But that’s not all. You also get a multifunctional design that allows you to cook a wide array of stuff, from pasta to steamed vegetables, oatmeal, and even soups if needed. It won’t leave you short of options.

The removable bowl or pot allows easy cleaning, especially with the non-stick coating. This pairs up well with the additional accessories like the rice paddle, the measuring cup, and the steaming pan.

Apart from all that, the machine is extra small. You can get it anywhere you want without issues. And with its keep-warm function, a beeping sound, and indicator light – it is a total steal for the money.


  •  Extra small and portable design
  • Cooks all kinds of foods
  • Easy to clean design
  • A convenient set of alerts & functions


  • A little tricky to use at first
  • May drip water over time

Panasonic SR-3NA Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker

When it comes to reliability and superb results, few options will match the capacity of the Panasonic electric rice cooker.

The SR-3NA offers enough space to cook up to 6 cups of rice without problems. It doesn’t matter if it is yellow, short or long grain, brown, white, or even other foods like vegetables, soups or cereals. This cooker does it all.

It comes with a glass lid along with a white plastic handle. You can easily take the top off and clean if needed. And with its see-through design, you won’t have any problem seeing what’s going on inside.

Here, you will find a non-stick coat over an aluminum pan. It offers the chance to clean easily but also increases the cooking performance.

And to make it work, you’ll just need to push a button, and it will start. It even shuts off automatically with an excellent feature that prevents overcooking.

Apart from all that, you get a measuring cup and a rice scoop for secure handling. You won’t have anything to complain about this machine.


  • Practical glass lid with see-through design & handle
  • High-quality aluminum pan with non-stick coating
  • Straightforward controls for easy use
  • Cooks up all kinds of foods from rice to soups


  • Large design can be a problem to bring around
  • Steam overflows every time

Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NG Rice Cooker

Aroma is one of those brands that don’t need to create expensive products to deliver exceptional results. That’s precisely what you get with the ARC-743-1NG rice cooker.The first thing you’ll notice is an effortless control panel with an ON/OFF switch, a Cook button, and a Warm button. You won’t have to spend more than a few seconds setting up this machine to do what you want.

It is large enough as well, offering 6 cups of rice capacity and coming in three different colors: Red, Black, and White. You can cook as much rice as you need, but you can also place it anywhere you want without issues.

It helps to cook all kinds of stuff as well, from soups to vegetables, meats, and so on. And with its extra accessories like the aluminum steam tray, rice spatula, and measuring cup – it is a total piece of cake to use.  


  • Super simple controls for ease of use
  • Fits a lot of food inside
  • Practical design with four handles
  • Extra handy accessories for cooking


  • Bigger than expected
  • May spill water when cooking

Dash DRCM200GBRD04 Mini Rice Cooker

To finish this list, we’re going over the small electric rice cooker from Dash. It’s a super tiny but incredibly practical model to have.It cooks anything from oatmeal to stew, pasta, steamed vegetables, and much more. With its 2-cup capacity, you can prepare enough food for one or two people without problems.

Using it is also a straightforward experience, as it comes with simple controls with a cook button, two handle on the side for handling, and a top see-through lid. You won’t find anything that’s worth complaining about in this machine.

It even comes with a keep-warm function that makes sure your food never cools down. And with the accessories like the rice spatula and measuring cup – this is a top-notch model without a doubt. You will also get a recipe book so you can prepare all kinds of stuff with it.


  • Fantastic design with an effortless control switch
  • Handy see-through lid and handles
  • Superb keep-warm function
  • Small design fits 2 cups of rice


  • Leaves the rice a little wet
  • Can be tricky to clean


After going through all of our reviews, you should be ready to pick the ideal cooker. But don’t worry if you aren’t – that’s why we’re here for.

If we were you, we wouldn’t think twice and go for the Panasonic SR-3NA Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker. It is ultra-efficient, fast, and offers a wide array of cooking options. You won’t find the smallest choice, but it still works wonders.

For anyone who just wants the smallest and still ultra-reliable choice, nothing compares to the DCIGNA Mini Rice Cooker. From its size to its overall ease of use – you won’t find anything impossible to do with it.