Best Semi-automatic Espresso Machine – Fast & Easy Coffee-Making!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best semi-automatic espresso machine is. Then we recommend the  Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine As the best one in our semi-automatic espresso machine reviews.

Sipping from a hot cup of coffee early in the morning before going to work – one of the most pleasant experiences you can have. But that’s only possible if you don’t have to waste any time or effort making the coffee.

That’s why you need the best semi-automatic espresso machine.

You can have almost total control over the Espresso brewing process. At the same time, you will speed up everything, so you receive coffee practically instantly. Those who don’t like automatic machines or manual ones will find a semi-automatic machine ideal.

We know getting one of these is not easy – so we brought a few reviews and a small buying guide for you to follow. If you’re interested in one of these, then reading this article may help you out.

What is a Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine?

A manual machine requires too much effort and time to prepare the coffee, yet you can set the machine to deliver precisely what you want. And a fully automatic model will just speed up through the process and provide decent results with little effort.

But sometimes, you want a combination of both. The automatic nature of the fully-automated machine, with the control of the process from the other – they make exceptional results.

That’s what a semi-automatic espresso machine delivers. The chance to have sufficient control over the process without wasting time or effort – they’re simply amazing.

silver espresso machine making coffee

Why Use a Semiautomatic Espresso Maker

So, why use a semi automatic coffee machine when you can just use a fully automatic model or a manual one? Well, there are many reasons – here are some of them:

  •       A semi-automatic machine is way easier to use than a manual one.
  •       You can control the process still without wasting much effort or time.
  •       It allows high experimentation in the brewing process.
  •       Semi-automatic models are far more affordable than fully-automated ones.
  •       Cleaning tends to be far easier on a semi-automatic espresso maker.

So, are you sold on what a semiautomatic machine can offer? Then let’s go and learn how to choose the ideal one.

How to Pick the Best Semiautomatic Coffee Machine

Before we get into our semi automatic espresso machine reviews, we need to explain how you can pick the ideal model.

This will help you save some time and effort, possibly some money too. And sure enough, it will help you understand our review a lot better.

Here are some factors to pay attention to when buying a semiautomatic coffee maker:

Ease of Use

Even though they’re called semi-automatic, some models can be almost like fully-automated ones while others are more like manual models.

Here, you’ll have to decide whether you want further control over the brewing, grinding, and steaming or just want a faster and easier process.

We usually recommend models that pump the coffee for you, but at the same time allow maximum control over the brewing. This way, you have something decently easy to use that still makes it possible to prepare what you prefer.

Still, if you prefer totally programmable settings that do the entire job for you – then that’s also valid. It’s all about getting something easy to use but also fitting for your demands.

Ease of Cleaning

You want an easy-to-use machine, but also something that doesn’t require 30 minutes of cleaning.

That’s why you should focus on models that are easy to use but still make the cleaning a piece of cake. An automated machine will probably be more challenging to clean than a real semi-automatic or manual one – so focus on those.

At the same time, the more features and components a machine has – the harder to clean it will be. So be careful.


For durability, the most crucial factor to think about would be the material. Most coffee machines are either made of plastic and/or metal parts. And sure enough, metal tends to be the most long-lasting material among the two.

That’s why we always recommend going for metallic coffee makers over plastic ones. Metal tends to wear off slowly, doesn’t corrode, and tends to not get coffee stuck. Plastic, on the other hand, doesn’t stain or rust but tends to wear off over time.

While metal is better, it is also more expensive. So be careful when making your pick. 


This is not only about the overall size of the machine and how much space it takes on the counter, but also how much coffee you can make peruse.

Some models will be super small and make only one cup of coffee per operation, so they require little space to work. While others can be slightly larger and offer from two up to five cups peruse – but often take lots of space.

It’s up to you to pick something ideal for your space availability at home, but considering how many cups of coffee you want to make.

Expresso machine making coffee

Extra Features

There are many other features on a semi-automatic coffee machine you can consider.

Among them, you’ll find the built-in grinder, ideal for getting the perfect grind on the coffee beans that you prefer.

There’s also the water filter, so you can mitigate any stranger flavor and/or contaminants in the water.

A cup warmer is another worth-having feature – excellent for keeping the cup warm after serving the coffee.

Other features like a frothing wand or milk steamer can be super helpful. They will provide the extra foam and a milky cup.

Any feature that makes the process easy but also adds a unique touch to the cup of coffee is worth considering when buying.

How to Clean a Semiautomatic Espresso Machine

It doesn’t matter if you have one of the top semi automatic espresso machines, you’ll have to learn how to clean it. Otherwise, the machine will develop buildup, corrode, and probably even rust over time – which could end up in bad-quality coffee or just a machine that doesn’t work.

To prevent that, here’s a set of tips that may help you clean your espresso maker:

  • Do you use the espresso machine every day? Then clean it deeply once a week. Start by dissolving a coffee-machine cleaner in water.
  • Then remove the filter, gasket, and water reservoir. Use a screwdriver if necessary.
  • Once they’re separated, scrub them with a nylon brush and the cleaning solution. Rinse them in warm water afterward.
  • Proceed by turning on the machine. Add some cleaning solution to the water reservoir and run it. Let the water with the solution clean the internal parts. Only do this if the machine manual says it is safe.
  • Now you can start cleaning the exterior parts. Rinse the blind basket, the steam arm, and the drip tray. Use a towel or hot water to sanitize them.
  • Clean the exterior of the machine with a cloth towel. Then reassemble everything back together once the pieces are dry.

This should be enough to make your semi-automatic maker work like new every week. If you use the machine only a few days every week, then you can do this monthly.

Our top 5 Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews 

Now that you’re aware of how to pick the ideal model, the benefits they offer, and how to clean them – then it is time to read some semi automatic coffee machine reviews. Here you’ll learn about the best models in the market – and how each offers may or not provide what you need. Take a look!

1. De’Longhi CitiZ EN267BAE Original Espresso Machine

Nespresso by De’Longhi is a sub-brand from De’Longhi – meaning it is among the most reliable and functional machines you can get.You get a fast heat-up mechanism that reaches the ideal coffee temperature in 25 seconds. It’s all thanks to the 1710 watts of power it has – making it super-fast. Yet, it turns off automatically after 9 minutes of not using the machine.

You can adjust the cup size going from a standard Espresso at 1.35 ounces or a Lungo at 5 ounces. The water reservoir has a total capacity of 34 ounces, so you can make several cups of coffee in minutes.

As for the design, it comes with a CitiZ appearance, making it elegant and space-efficient – so you can make it work with any kitchen decoration and still place it anywhere with ease. And it has folding drip tray and detachable parts for easy cleaning as well.

Lastly, you get an Aeroccino 3 milk frother to make the perfect foam and mixes when necessary.


  • The amazing Aerocinno 3 frother
  • Powerful & fast heating capacity
  • Stylish & space-saving CitiZ design
  • Handy Espresso & Lungo functions


  • Louder than other models
  • May leak water if overfilled

2. KitchenAid KES0504CA Aeroccino Espresso Maker

Another brand you can’t overlook when looking for coffee machines would be KitchenAid. And the K4S0504CA is a perfect example.The first thing you’ll notice is the different set of cup sizes available. You can prepare an Espresso or a Lungo – with 3 different sizes on each type. Along with a 44-ounces water tank – then you can prepare up to 14 capsules of Espresso a day with ease. 

The machine heats up in less than 25 seconds yet reaches 170-degrees Fahrenheit. This goes well with the adjustable cup shelf so you can pour hot coffee in small and large bottles when necessary.

Last but not least, you get the Aeroccino milk frother – so you can prepare Cappuccinos or Lattes as needed. And it works with a single touch of a button for the extra convenience. 


  • Outstanding water reservoir capacity
  • Super-fast heating process
  • 6 different cup size options
  • Beautiful design in 6 color options


  • The large design may take a lot of space
  • Does not have cup options below 12 ounces

3. De’Longhi EN750MB Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine

Coming back with another De’Longhi semi automatic coffee machine, it is now time for the Latissima Pro to stand out.This is an anodized machine in its entirety, with a standard yet stylish design that takes little to no space in your countertop. So it is both durable and space-efficient.

The true advantage, however, comes from a Thermoblock heating system. It heats up the coffee in just a few seconds. And this goes well with the intuitive One-Touch system so you can start preparing coffee in no time.

As for the functions, you will get a total of 7 programmable options. You can make anything from Espresso to a Ristretto. And you may also adjust the frother and achieve your desired level of milkiness.

What’s the best of all? You get a total of 44 ounces of water reservoir capacity – making it possible to make up to 15 capsules of Espresso a day.


  • OneTouch system with 7 functions for easy use
  • Extra-fast Thermoblock heating system
  • Adjustable frother for better foam
  • Super-resilient anodized aluminum build


  • A little more expensive than competitors
  • Cleaning takes some effort & time

4. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

While De’Longhi and KitchenAid deliver amazing products – it is a Breville semi-automatic espresso machine that truly steals the show.You could say this is a true semi-automatic machine, offering extra adjustability that others on the list do not.

First, you get the grinder system – perfect for enjoying freshly grounded coffee when needed. Yet, you can also control the amount & grind size.

This goes well with a microfoam texturing system. You can create coffee art or eventually make the more delicious lattes or cappuccinos according to your needs.

The precise Espresso extraction or PID is fantastic too – delivering the ideal temperature for the coffee everything.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can decide whether you want single or double shots – along with a stainless steel jug and stainless steel filter. To make it even better, it cleans itself with a handy function and boasts a pressure meter for even more convenience.


  • High-quality construction for durability
  • Practical grinder & frother extras
  • Unique PID system for perfect temperature
  • Easy-to-use and clean design


  • More expensive than other model
  • Operating it can be messy

5. Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

If you don’t care much about space and still want a semi-automatic espresso maker at home – then you’ll love the Gaggia RI9380/46 a Classic Pro Espresso Machine.The first thing you’ll see is the stainless steel housing – ideal for the extra reliability and cleaning use you need. This goes well with a chrome-plated brass portafilter. It has a 58mm size that looks exactly like any commercial machine out there.

Another commercial feature you get is the 3-way solenoid valve that pressurizes the coffee better than standard solenoids and makes the puck easier to discard.

The commercial steam wand is yet another unique feature you get, so you can froth milk with total ease at any time, and at any level.

Controlling it is a total piece of cake too. You get rocker switch controls for straightforward functions. Along the 71-ounces water reservoir, you can create so many cups of coffee a day. And if that wasn’t enough, it heats up in only 30 seconds so you can make coffee in no time.


  • Huge & practical commercial design
  • Easy-to-use switch controls
  • The unbeatable 71-ounces water reservoir
  • Makes coffee in seconds


  • The ultra-messy operation for inexperienced users
  • Cleaning it can be time-consuming

Get your Semi-Automatic Coffee Maker Today!

So, did you learn something about these fantastic machines? We hope so! There are just so many things to enjoy about them, it would be a pity to dismiss these models.

That’s we’re also telling you which one we think is the best semi automatic espresso machine. That would be the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine. Despite its inflated cost, you get more features and better design than with the rest.

Otherwise, you can go for the Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine that delivers an exceptional commercial design that doesn’t stay behind in results.

What are you getting then? These machines will surpass your expectations in every way. So get one now!