Best Portable Induction Cooktop – Cook Your Food Fast & Efficiently

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Portable Induction Cooktop is. Then we recommend the Duxtop E200A. As the best one in our Microwave Toaster Oven Combo reviews.

Want to cook your meals in the most efficient way possible? Then you need the best portable induction cooktop.

After several years of cooking professionally, we’ve come to the conclusion. That an induction burner is a product everyone wants but don’t know about yet.

They have thousands of benefits. Especially when you’re going on a trip to somewhere where gas stoves are rare to find. One of these cooktops always saves the day.

We’ve used them so much that we came to adore them. So, we want to share out love for them with you. 

We’ll tell you all about induction cooktops, including their benefits, how to pick the right one, and the best models available in the market.

So, care to find out why we love them so much? Then keep scrolling.

In This Article, We’re Going To Review The Following best portable induction cooktop:

making food on a portable induction cooktop

Advantages of an Induction Cooktop

We’ll start by giving you a better idea of what makes induction cooktops so amazing. Here are a few aspects to think about:

Fast Cooking

Cooking with induction burners takes almost half of the time that it takes with gas or electric stoves.

This happens because induction cooktops transfer directly to the cookware using electromagnetic heating.

You will get any pan or pot hot in just a couple of minutes. This will save you tons of time in the long run.

More Efficiency

The electromagnetic process of an induction burner doesn’t demand as much as energy as gas or electric stoves. This translates into less electricity used and way lower monthly bills.

And of course, when you add the fact that they cook faster, then you’ll be saving even more electricity over time.

Safer to Use

Everyone has at least once burned a pan, pot, or the food itself. Whether it is because the flame touched the food or because the cookware overheated. The result is always a disappointment and unusable utensils.

With an induction cooktop, you can forget about this entirely. Most of them come with anti-burning sensors that prevent cookware from overheating. And of course, they will never burn your food directly due to the lack of flames.

6 portable induction cooktops

Effortless to Clean

Coming with a ceramic glass top, most induction cooktops are a total piece of cake to clean.

Not only the top will never get burned, but it will also provide the smoothest surface so you can clean it with just a single swipe of a towel. 

What Cookware Works with Induction Cooktops?

The only drawback with induction burners is that you won’t have the chance to use all your cookware.

This happens because induction demands magnetic bottoms only. Otherwise, the cookware won’t work.

The best induction cookware comes with magnetic bases, including iron, magnetic stainless steel, enameled cast iron, or just anything with a ferrous bottom. 

The best way to know if your cookware works with induction burners is to stick a magnetic into the base of the pot or pan. If it holds to the metal, then the piece works for induction cooking. Otherwise, it will simply not work. read more about that on our Best induction cookware sets article.

Factors to Consider

Before you get to know some high-quality models, you should first know what to consider about each. Here’s a brief explanation of all the aspects from induction burners to consider:


Every portable induction cooktop that you get will come with a power measurement in watts. Typically, they come from 500 up to 2000 watts or a little more in the largest models.

But for a practical cooking experience, you don’t need more than just 1000 watts. This would be enough to reach temperatures of up to 400° Fahrenheit.


Apart from the power, the size of the piece also matters. You’ll want a cooktop that’s large enough to fit medium and big pots or pans. But you’ll also want something that fits on the countertop and inside bags when going on a trip.

Of course, this is all about your demands. Portability matters, but what really matters is how well the burner matches your needs.

Controls & Settings

You’ll want a product that’s easy to use. For that, make sure it comes with all the buttons and controls you expect on a burner.

From temperature to timers, preset cooking settings, and more – all of them will work wonders when using an induction cooker. Also, make sure the buttons don’t demand much tweaking.

We recommend touch controls for the best experience. But push-buttons will do the job well enough too.

duxtop induction cooktop

Additional Features

Even for a portable electric cooker, you’re very likely to find hundreds of features that will change the overall worth & handiness of the product. Here’s what you’re most likely to find:

Safety Sensors

Also called inductive sensors, they help to find out when magnetic cookware is over the cooktop. If no induction-friendly pot or pan on the burner, then it won’t work.

This safety measure does not come with all models, but most of them have it. Going for this feature will help you prevent unnecessary damage to your cookware and probable accidents in the kitchen.

A safety sensor also helps to reduce the output or power when the pan/pot overheats. That adds even more safety to every model. Some models may even shut off completely.

Auto Heat Up

The purpose of this function is to heat up specific types of food to a desirable level. This could come as a preset button or a keep-warm feature. Some models may have it as a booster button.

They all serve the same purpose: heating up food without over or undercooking it.

Child Lock

This is another safety feature to consider on the appliance. With one of these, you can keep children from using the piece and prevent possible accidents.

Digital LCD

Finally, you’ll want a cooktop with an LCD screen. This helps to set up the temperature, power output, timer, and more. An LCD will make your cooking better.

5 Best Portable Induction Cooktops

After reading some info about induction burners, it is time to learn about the best models out there.

We analyzed five of them, considering all the factors above. Then, we went over the best and worst elements of each. Here’s what we learned about them:

iSiLER Black Portable Induction Cooktop

A cheap but highly reliable product is always worth considering. The iSiLER is that kind of product – ready to cook your food without setbacks.The first thing you’ll notice about it is the different temperature levels it offers. You’ll find that it goes up in levels of 40°F per level, up to 460°F. But it will also provide 9 levels measured in watts with increments of 100 watts up to 1800 watts.  

The 6.7-inches diameter design allows exceptional size so you can fit anything over it. From pans to pots of up to 8.6-inches diameter, most of them will fit inside without problems.

It is still pretty small and lightweight, making it ideal to travel with if needed. And of course, it is effortless to clean with its premium glass surface, while adding excellent durability.

Apart from that, it comes with practical functions like a 3-hour timer and a safety lock. You’ll have everything you need on an induction cooktop with this model.


  • A wide array of levels & temperature settings
  • Compact but spacious design for convenience
  •  Practical timer feature for extra handiness
  • Excellent control panel for ease of use


  • The built-in fan is noisy
  • Touch buttons can be tough to use

Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop

Every Duxtop induction cooktop delivers exceptional results without fault. And the 9600LS model is not an exception.The main advantage of this burner is the set of 20 power levels. That goes from 100w to 1800w and 20 preset temperature settings, going from 100° to 460°F. You can decide whether to use power levels or temperature levels for your cooking, so you can achieve desired results more easily.

It also boasts a touch control panel for effortless operation. And with the LCD screen, you’ll always know what you’re doing.

Among the functions it offers. You’ll find a 10-hour timer, a keep-warm feature, a child safety lock, and a fast-boil button, and more.

It will work with any induction cookware with at least 5 inches in diameter. This will make it easy to find out which cookware to get for it.

Apart from all that, it comes with a useful auto-shutoff feature and an auto-pan detection. It will turn off automatically if the cookware overheats or if there’s no cookware on top.


  • Excellent set of functions & features
  • Safe & easy to use in its entirety
  • Simple yet reliable touch-button panel
  • Several choices for temperature & power levels


  • Doesn’t work with small pots or pans
  • Feet are not as stable as expected

iSiLER Rotary Knob Electric Induction Cooktop

For those looking for extra simplicity when cooking, the iSiLER Rotary Knob will match their needs as the best induction range out there.A major feature it offers is the user-friendly rotary knob. With just a turn, you can change the temperature of the piece without much tweaking or touching buttons.

It still manages to offer 9 power levels going from 100 watts up to 1800 watts. Along with that, you also get 8 temperature settings, going from 140°F to 460°F so you can set it in the ideal levels for your demands.

The 3-hour timer function adds extra convenience to the model. You can even set it to shut off automatically after the timer ends.

Apart from all that, it matches with most conduction cookware out there. It fits diameters of up to 8.6-inches and as little as 3.9-inches. This will help you cook with any pot or pan effectively and consistently.

 Finally, it offers a straightforward cleaning process with its premium glass-ceramic plate. And with the child safety lock, you can totally confide this piece to your children without worries.


  • User-friendly rotary knob design
  • Handy power levels & temperature settings
  • Reliable and practical 3-hour timer
  • Safe and clean operation with premium ceramic glass top


  • Incredibly loud performance
  • Touch buttons can be hard to use

Max Burton 6200 Maxi-Matic Deluxe

Modest but large enough to fit in any type of cookware, the Max Burton is an 1800-watt induction cooktop that takes your cooking to another level.It comes with everything you could need in an induction burner. The 10 power levels, the 3-hour timer, the auto-shutoff function, and the cookware detection sensor. It will let you cook safely and effectively at all times.

The best about this model is the straightforward control panel with only 7 push buttons. You can increment or lower the temperature or power level, set different cooking modes, and configure the timer when needed.

This model is also well-made in its entirety with a large 12.3-inches design that offers enough space for any kind of pot or pan.

Its LED screen lets you work without a problem and adds extra convenience to the whole model. Cooking will be a total pleasure with this cooktop.


  • High potency with 1800 watts capacity
  • Huge design for extra cooking space
  • Excellent control panel for ease of use
  • A convenient set of functions & settings


  • Takes a lot of countertop space for its size
  • Temperature settings are hard to use

Duxtop E200A High-End Full Portable Induction Cooktop

The Duxtop E200A is the best induction cooktop without a doubt. It delivers every single feature that one of these products needs to have and much more.For example, it comes with a digital touch-button control panel that’s totally easy to operate. With 6 touch buttons for the timer, temperature, power levels, and safety lock – this appliance is a piece of cake to use.

The advantage comes from the 20 different levels of power and temperature. You will have specific levels to cook your meals in the most effective way possible.

Also, it comes with an auto-pan detection system and an auto-shutoff function which help to prevent accidents while using it.

Overall, it leaves no space for lack of quality. Whether it is cooking the hardest meals or just enjoying a reliable product, this model goes that extra step to provide everything you need.


  • Excellent system with 20 levels of power
  • Reliable safety functions
  • Totally easy to operate
  • Compact but effective design


  • A little noisy
  • The fan doesn’t shut down until disconnected


It won’t be easy to pick a winner between all these fantastic products. They are all highly durable, reliable, and provide all the major features that you may expect from induction burners.

But we can still say with some confidence that the Duxtop E200A is the best portable induction cooktop in the whole list.

With its compact design, simple yet practical functions, and specific power levels – it will make your cooking much better.

Overall, however, every model we reviewed offers more than enough to match all your needs. If you want a high-quality induction cooktop, then any of the above products will do.