Top 5 Best Pizza Stones

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best pizza stones is. Then We recommend the Emile Henry granite flame top pizza stone as the best one in our pizza stones reviews.

Pizzas need proper cooking. You won’t be able to cook one like a fried egg or a pancake. No, you’ll need several things to do, including an oven, the right temperature, constant attention, and more importantly – the best pizza stone. 

Yes, without a pizza stone, you won’t be able to cook a pizza the right way in a standard oven. There are probably some alternatives out there when it comes to cooking pizza. 

But nothing compares to the effectiveness of a well-made, insulated, and durable pizza stone.

Care to know why these products are so amazing? Want to know which ones are the best out there? If that’s something you want to learn – then keep scrolling down to find out!

pizza margarita and some small tomatoes

In This Article, We’re Going to Review The Following Pizza Stones:

What Is A Pizza Stone?

Made of ceramic, cordierite or granite – a pizza stone is a pan that helps to bake pizzas in ovens. It resembles the old way of cooking pizzas inside stone ovens. 

This adds a great flavor and makes the pizza crustier. You just place the uncooked dough on the stone, you add all the top ingredients, and then you put it all inside the oven. 

Let it cook for several minutes, and then you’ll receive a tasty pizza – all made with a stone. It is the perfect product to place any kind of food over that needs baking. 

From pizzas to breads, cookies, and much more – a pizza stone is an essential item to have if you’re baking enthusiast.

Benefits of a Pizza Stone

A pizza stone seems simple, but there are several advantages you get from them that you won’t get from other items. Here are a few:

  • A stone baked pizza tends to have a better and juicier flavor than pizzas baked in metal pans
  • A pizza stone delivers a more consistent and even flow heat all across the pizza for superior cooking
  • Pre-heated pizza stones also produce a stronger and tastier border crust that other products don’t
  • Pizza stones are often more durable and reliable than metal pans or sheets

How to Choose the Perfect Pizza Stone?

After knowing the many benefits a pizza stone can offer, it is time to learn how to pick the best ones according to your needs. Here are a few factors to consider:


The choice of material lets you know how durable, heat-efficient, and useful the stone will be. You’ll have to pick stones/clays, perfect for the occasional pizza at home without spending a fortune. 

Then you have ceramic, which is another budget-friendly option that makes amazing pizzas as well.

For the most serious bakers, you’ll have cordierite or its alternatives like Thermarite. These are ideal for their durability and heat efficiency. 

But there’s still a last option, the baking steel pizza stone, the preferred choice of professionals.

Whatever you pick, remember it’s all about making the crispiest pizza possible. While some are more affordable than others, they offer almost the same result. 

Remember that they aren’t miracle-makers either – so focus on the dough and ingredients too.


All pizza stones come in different shapes, so you should always go for the one that fits your needs the most.

The round stone is the most common of all. It comes in diameters that go from 10 inches up to 20 inches for the largest pizzas. They are probably the most useful for simple baking.

round pizza shape on a pizza stone

Then, you can find square stones. These are ideal for cooking small pizzas or bread. You will also find them useful for fitting several stones inside a grill or oven.

square pizza with salat

Lastly, you’ll have rectangular shapes. These are perfect for baking two or more pizzas side by side. They can be large or small accordingly. These are also useful for cooking bread and other food.

rectangular pizza shape with ham

After learning all about their shapes and materials, picking the right option will be a piece of cake.

How to Clean a Pizza Stone

Depending on the shape and material of the product, you’ll have to follow different steps accordingly. 

However, if you want to learn how to clean a pizza stone effectively, here are a few general tips to consider:

  • Never clean pizza stones when they are hot or warm. Let the piece cool down to prevent it from cracking or breaking.
  • Never use soap in stones with porous finishes. That would leave an aftertaste on the pizzas you cook later.
  • Instead of soap, you can use baking soda with water along with a scrub. That would get the food and impurities off the stone effectively without leaving an aftertaste.
  • Remove as many possible residues from the stone with putty knives or brush before cleaning with water. You could also soak the whole piece in water for a few hours.
  • Always let pizza stones dry completely before using them. Otherwise, they could crack or break while baking.

These tips will help you clean a pizza stone more effectively and without side effects.  

Our Top 5 Best Pizza Stones Reviews

So, are you ready to learn about the best pizza stones out there? Here we bring five options that you shouldn’t dismiss:

CastElegance Thermarite Pizza Stone

When you see the CastElegance pizza stone for oven, you can immediately know it is a valuable product.Made of Thermarite, it is a stronger version of Cordierite. It comes from a micro-pore that absorbs more moisture for a crispier pizza bake. 

This also makes it heat up faster and transfer heat more effectively, baking pizza much better than many other materials.

The thermal shock of Thermarite also makes it durable and reliable. You can expect this pizza stone to last a lifetime without problems. 

The design has 14-inches in diameter and 5/8-inches in thickness, ideal for most small and medium-sized pizzas. You can also use it on almost any type of grill or even if needed.

The best of all is that the CastElegance Thermarite stone is still one of the most affordable out there. Although it heats effectively, provides outstanding heating. 

And leaves an excellent crispy cut – this Thermarite stone is still cheap. You can also expect it to leave no smell on your pizzas. 

You won’t have to spend too much time or effort cleaning one either.  To use it you’ll just need to get it inside the oven, and that’s it. 

No conditioningor pre-heating, this pizza stone is ready for baking without any issue. And that’s something you won’t get with any other option.


  • Excellent Thermarite construction provides outstanding durability
  • Delivers fast heating and exceptional heat transfer for practical baking
  •  Needs no pre-heating or conditioning before using in an oven
  • Doesn’t let food stick which makes it easy to clean & get food after baking


  • Very heavy and hard to handle 
  • Tends to leave some stains

ROCKSHEAT Cordierite Pizza Stone

You don’t need a hugely expensive pizza stone when you can get the RockSheat Cordierite.It is a small 14.2-inches round stone at 5/8-inches of thickness. This delivers a fast 2.200ºF of heat capacity, perfect for quick and effective baking plus huge durability.  

You’ll enjoy the advantages of cordierite as well. It leaves no space for lousy cooking and will achieve the tasty pizza crust everyone loves. 

Apart from that, it is thick enough to be reliable for years. And thanks to its superb finish, you can expect this stone to be ready for using as soon as you get it despite its thickness as it heats really fast. 

You won’t need seasoning or conditioning – simply place it inside the oven, and it will start cooking. It even needs no pre-heating, so you can bake pizzas really fast. 

You may also use it anywhere you want, either a grillor an oven. The versatility it offers is just unique, all due to its cordierite construction and excellent size. 

The durability, fast-heating capacity, and its superb design. Will make your pizza-making experience fantastic. This is a pizza stone not to overlook. 


  • Superb thermal capacity and heat transfer for fast baking
  • Top-notch Cordierite construction for a durable & resistant product
  • Highly versatile construction for grill or oven use
  • Ideal size for cooking small & medium sized pizzas


  • Not the best finish to prevent stains
  • Awkward design wcn be difficult to handle

Emile Henry Granite Flame Top Pizza Stone

When you find an Emile Henry pizza stone, you immediately know it’s an excellent option. This one is not an exception.

It is made of Granite, one of the sturdiest and most durable materials for pizza stones. This goes well with the large 14.5-inches and solid build that offers exceptional results. 

To make it even handier, you get two small 2-inches handles on the sides. You won’t have to spend too much effort taking the stone out of the over. 

Whether it is a small or large pizza, this stone will help you bake it thoroughly. And this is including the glazing on top, perfect for preventing stains and dough sticking to it. 

Also, it helps to avoid scratches with utensils or tools.

You can also expect this stone to be easy to clean. And this comes directly from the micro-crazed glaze finish that also achieves a perfect crusty baking finish after using. 

This stone is also heat-resistant, supporting up to 900ºF without any issue. And surely, you won’t need seasoning to get the perfect baking result. 

All this comes from a manufacturer in France, so you can expect exceptional quality in every way. Sadly, it all comes at a slightly hefty price. 


  • Unique granite construction offers superb durability & resistance
  • Ideal design with handles for comfortable use 
  • Excellent micro-grazed glazing for easy cleaning & stain-free results
  • Top-notch baking results thanks to its thickness and material


  • May need some pre-heating to prevent dough from sticking
  • Handles may affect the shape of pizzas

Rocksheat Rectangular Baking & Grilling Pizza Stone

A rectangular pizza stone is always useful, especially when we talk about a pizza stone for grill from Rocksheat.

What stands out about this model is the outstanding heat capacity, making it useful for many years down the road. 

You won’t have to worry about leaving it inside the oven for a long time or using it too much – this is a pizza stone made to last and stand heavy use. 

The design is also handy as it boasts four different double-faced handles for easy use. Taking it out of the oven will be a piece of cake. 

Yet, its 12-inches by 15-inches rectangular design still offers great versatility. You’ll be able to use it on grills, ovens, or just anywhere without issues. 

You can use it for any type of food as well. And you can always be sure it won’t leave your preparations without the hard-to-miss crusty bottom.  

Whatever you expect from this pizza stone, you’re sure to get it. It’s even 5/8-inches thick, ideal for fast heating and excellent transfer. The results with this pizza stone won’t leave any complain to make.


  • Cordierite construction helps to achieve fast & effective baking at all times
  • Delivers brilliant versatility with its rectangular design with handles
  • Works with any type of food to bake
  • Very reliable and durable build for an affordable cost


  • Awkward handle design makes it uncomfortable to use
  • Can be pretty heavy for some users

Honey-Can-Do Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

There’s no better material for a baking stone for bread than Cordierite. And that’s precisely what the Honey-Can-Do Old Stone brings.This is a 14.5-inch large by 16.5-inches wide design that’s large enough to host up to two small pizzas without issues. 

But what stands out is the micro-pore surface, making it easy to bake your food effectively and without leaving stuck food behind. 

You can use it with any kind of dough as well, either pizza or for any other food easily. The Cordierite build will help to prevent common issues with food sticking and stains, making it an ideal choice for demanding users. 

The stone also provides great heat retention and transfer. Every pizza you cook here will be wholly baked and crusty all around. And that’s something not many options reach.

Another unique design quirk is the raised edge. You won’t have any problem allocating the stone inside an oven or grill, which adds to its handiness. 

From exceptional durability to great baking results, the Honey-Can-Do is a unique pizza stone model. And as such, this is an option you shouldn’t dismiss. 


  • Offers a unique grainy design that resembles old-stone ovens
  • Makes it easy to cook pizzas effectively and consistently 
  • Unique raised-edge design allows secure handling and raising in the oven
  • The large yet rectangular design offers superb versatility to use anywhere


  • Takes more time than expected to heat up 
  • Can be a little hard to clean due to its grainy surface


So, are you ready to get the best pizza stone for your kitchen now? Just remember that it all comes down to your needs and demands. 

However, we still think the Emile Henry granite flame top pizza stone is the best option for you. It’s made of granite which adds a layer of durability & cooking effectiveness. 

And for its handle-design, it won’t let you down in terms of usability. Yet, it comes at a slightly bulky price.

If you can’t afford it or just think that’s too much. You can always go for the CastElegance Thermarite pizza stone. With its unique construction and design, baking pizzas will be a total pleasure. And it’s still very affordable.

Whatever you pick, just know that it will make your pizza-making experience better in many ways. If you get one now, you won’t regret it.