Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo. Then we recommend the Panasonic NN-SD945S Microwave Oven. As the best one in our Microwave Toaster Oven Combo reviews.

Getting a microwave, a toaster, and an oven separately can take a lot of space on your countertop – and it could also cost you a lot of money. That’s why getting a microwave toaster oven combo is always the way to go.

With one of these, you can cook the same food that you can bake in an oven, roast your bread and dough-like in a toaster, and microwave anything to warm in seconds. But of course, you’ll receive all that while saving space and money that buying all of them individually will demand.

That’s what we want to show you here. We’re going over all the best options in the market as well as the different factors to consider when buying.

So, are you ready to start reading about the best microwave toaster and oven out there? Keep scrolling, and you’ll find out!

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What is a Microwave Toaster Oven Good For?

There are many reasons why to get a microwave toaster oven. But for us, it is all about conserving space and saving some money. However, there are a few additional advantages of getting one of these:

  • The size tends to be small enough to fit comfortably on your countertop. But also large enough to cook anything from entire chickens to small pizzas and more.
  • They are more potent than a typical microwave, faster than an oven, and way more handy than a toaster. So you get all three but in an improved version.
  • The wide array of functions a microwave oven offers is unique. From presets for specific types of foods to modes that keep the food warm – they all come pretty handily to have at home.

These are a few reasons why getting a toaster oven microwave is a great idea. Now, let’s learn about the different kinds you’ll find.

Types of Microwave Toaster Oven

Even though every microwave toaster looks the same as its competitors. They’re actually pretty different from each other.

Here, we’re explaining all the differences and focus of each model and type you’ll find. This will help you pick the right option depending on your desired results:

Countertop Toaster Oven

These are pretty common nowadays. Combining the effectiveness of a microwave with the ability to cook in an oven. Plus the toasty results of a toaster.

They tend to be smaller than its alternatives, but the cooking tends to be pretty fast and effective. These are ideal for people who are always looking for quick ways to cook and warm up their meals.

Usually, they go over the counter. But some models are small enough to fit inside cabinets and other enclosed spaces. So they add more handiness over time.

Countertop Convection Oven

As its name says, this type of microwave uses convection to cook stuff. This technology disperses the hot air all around the oven to produce a highly consistent heating effect.

This makes sure that all the food cooks consistently and no part of whatever you’re cooking stays uncooked.

For people who are willing to go the extra mile and get something hugely effective for cooking meals. Then a convection oven is the way to go.

They are more ovens than they are microwaves or toasters. But they still offer all the same benefits of the other two. You will find them an ideal alternative for conventional ovens too.

touch microwave

Rotisserie Oven

These are also called grillers, and what they do is roast food. That’s why they’re called rotisserie ovens.

While the traditional model would roll the food while the heat cooks it all around. Modern models just use convection cooking with higher temperatures.

These can be large enough to fit entire chickens. People who love to roast their food and have enough space in their countertop. Will surely adore one of these.

Learning about the types can always be useful. But nothing like going a little deeper into the settings of each model.

Settings to Consider

So you know all the different types of microwave ovens out there, but you don’t know exactly what they do. Well, in the settings and modes they offer, you’ll find out precisely that.

Here’s a brief description of the many settings you’ll find in a microwave oven combo. Take a look:

Power Level

This is how potent you want the microwave to be when cooking, warming up or toasting your meals.

Usually, models go from 1 to 10 or in percentages from 1 to 100%. But you may also find microwaves that offer power levels measured in Fahrenheit degrees.

Others are measured in overall electric power used in watts.


A timer is an essential setting to have on your microwave oven. This allows you to pre-set an estimated how much you want the meal to cook or heat up for.

Of course, this helps to save some time having to wait for the microwave to work the desired seconds – you’ll just need to enter them and press ON.


Apart from timer and power, the preset microwaving levels also add tons of practicality.

Usually, they offer preset options like Popcorn, that works for a few minutes with a specific power level to let popcorn cook. But you may also find present modes for Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Soup, Coffee, and more.


This is probably the most helpful of all the settings you can find on a microwave oven. We recommend getting a model with one of these options. Especially if you’re always forgetting to defrost chicken or meat before cooking.

Sensor Reheat

The sensor reheat mode will warm up your meals until it senses some steam coming off the food. This is ideal for foods that you want to heat up the right way but without over or under heating it.

Sensor Cook

Similarly to sensor heat, this one makes sure your foods cook for enough time to be eatable. Once the microwave senses steam and vapors coming off the food, it will stop to prevent overcooking. Of course, this only works with a specific type of food.

Keep Warm

Finally, you’ll also want a setting that keeps your food warm. As its name says, it has the purpose of not letting your food get cold.

Additional Factors to Consider

Apart from the settings, there are a few other factors of a microwave and toaster oven that you’ll want to consider:


Does it fit your countertop or cabinet? If it doesn’t, then it may be too large. But if it does, it is probably the best model for your needs.


Measured in cubic feet or cu. Ft. – this will let you know how much food the microwave handles. We recommend options that match your demands – so you won’t get short of place when using it.

Power Level

And finally, the overall heating power level of the microwave is essential. You’ll find models going from 700 up to 1500 watts. The more watts the model has, the more potent it will be.

Best Microwave Toaster Ovens Reviews 2019

After reading some info about the various things microwave ovens offer. It is time to learn about some of the best models.

We’ll go over five of the best options in the market. So you can learn more about each and pick the one that meets your standards. Keep scrolling and to find out!

Panasonic NN-SD945S Microwave Oven

Panasonic will never let you down. Everyone knows that. And the NN-SD945S is probably the best toaster oven that you’ll find. Precisely because it is among the most reliable you’ll find out there.It offers 1250 watts of power, which helps to cook meals in the fastest and most effective way. And with the 19 different preset settings, the various functions, and Child Safety lock – this is a model you don’t want to dismiss.

One of the things that set it apart from the competition is the Sensor Inverter function. It helps to defrost your food more consistently. Even the hardest of meals to defrost will be evenly warmed up for exceptional results.

The best of all is the size at 2.2 cubic feet of capacity. It also takes little to no space in your countertop. And still manages to deliver enough space for casseroles and plates of, up to 16.5-inches large or in diameter.

Overall, it leaves no space for mediocre performance or design. It offers everything you may need in a microwave oven and more.


  • The high power level for better cooking
  • Practical Sensor Inverter Defrost function
  • Large enough for convenient cooking
  • Small & light enough to fit on any countertop


  • Popcorn function is not the best
  •  Control panel is harder to use than expected

Emerson MWG9115SB

A small 1.2 cubic feet microwave is always an option for anyone who appreciates compactness. That’s what the MWG9115SB from Emerson delivers.This model also comes in 1.5 and 1.6 cubic feet options – each one with 1100 watts of power. But overall, all of them offer the same performance.

You get 11 different microwave power levels with a grill function, making it a rotisserie model that will take your chicken-cooking skills to another level.

The functions go from a 99-time digital timer to Defrost, 9 preset cooking options, and a very straightforward touch-button panel. With the LED screen, you may also enjoy a straightforward operation.

It won’t look bad on your kitchen either, boasting a stainless steel design with plastic touches between black & metallic colors. This will make a stylish and modern-looking microwave in its entirety.

Putting everything together, this is a pretty decent choice for people who want small but practical models.


  • A highly convenient set of functions
  • Easy-to-use control panel with LED screen
  • Comes in different models with various capacities
  • Stylish design with stainless steel & plastic build


  • Very loud
  • Beeping sounds can be annoying

Panasonic NN-SN686S Microwave Oven

A small but stylish Panasonic microwave. The NN-SN686S is the toaster oven that you’ll love to have in your kitchen.It’s made of stainless steel and comes with 1.2 cubic foot of internal capacity. You’ll get a compact design with a pretty resistant construction overall – perfect for durability but also convenience.

You can make it work anywhere on your kitchen without problems. And it will perform really well thanks to its 1200 watts power. The 13.4-inches table space will let you work with any type of dish too. So you can cook with casseroles or anything similar if needed.

As for functions, you’ll get everything from Inverter Technology to Turbo Frost, Keep Warm, Genius Sensor, and more. It even offers 14 different preset items for extra convenience.

This microwave will simply make your kitchen experience better. Whether it is defrosting, cooking, or simply warming up – it will perform better than you expect.


  • Excellent 1200 watts of power
  • Compact design for extra handiness
  • A superb set of functions
  • Durable build with modern design


  • No button/function for instant heating
  • Buttons wear off over time

Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Microwave Oven

A decently-sized microwave always comes like an excellent option for the kitchen. And with the Toshiba EC042A5C, you get the ideal size and functionality for a superb experience.It will never let you down when it comes to cooking and heating up meals thanks to its 1000 watts of power.

Also, it can handle your food much better than most other models with its Sensor. You can even use it for roasting, baking, or the practical defrosting with this function.

The appliance comes with a stainless steel finish, looking perfect for a modern kitchen. And with its compact design and 1.5 cubic feet of capacity, you can make it work with almost any type of dish easily.

It also comes with a straightforward and convenient control panel. You’ll get a keypad with protection film that you can use for years without any drawback.

And when you add the ability to go from Microwave to Convection and even Combination modes. This appliance goes a step further than other models aren’t willing to.


  • Simple & fast control panel
  • Handy option to turn off the buzzer
  • Compact & stylish design
  • More cooking modes for extra convenience


  • Interior may feel small
  • Thin feet make it wobble

Farberware FMO12AHTBSG Microwave Oven

The cheapest microwave and toaster oven combo. The Faberware FMO12AHTBSG doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.This is a 1.2 cubic feet microwave that fits in practically any countertop without problems. It offers 1100 watts of heating power and comes with 10 different levels. That you can adjust from 10 to 100 percent according to your needs.

The finish on the outside is stainless steel with black color. It prevents any kind of mark while providing a stylish touch to your kitchen.

You’ll also get unique functions, going from 9 One-Touch programs to Grill & Microwave cooking. The control panel is pretty easy to use, and the LED screen makes it easy to customize your timer and more.

And you’ll get all with one of the most affordable price tags out there. So, this is undoubtedly an option no short-budget user should dismiss.


  • Excellent power levels
  • Comes in various cubic feet capacities
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Practical functions & features


  • Noisier than expected
  • Cook slowly


Now it is time to know about microwave toaster oven combo out there.

For us, there’s no better choice in this list than the Panasonic NN-SD945S Microwave Oven. It comes with everything you could need in a microwave toaster oven. Going from the wide array of settings to the massive 2.2 cubic feet capacity. And its large design that fits any plate or dish.

In close second you’ll find the Emerson MWG9115SB. It is a fantastic choice in its entirety, as long as you can handle the noise.

So which one should you go for then? Well, it all comes down to your needs. As long as you consider our reviews and buying guide you’ll have the ideal product ready.