Best Loose Leaf Tea Brands – Delicious Tea in a Natural Way!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best loose leaf tea brand is. Then we recommend the Harney & Sons Paris Flavored Black TeaAs the best in our loose leaf tea brands press reviews.

Trying to make the most delicious tea out there? Then you surely need one of the best loose leaf tea brands.

Since we switched from regular bagged tea, we found out what a real original tastes and feels like. And we haven’t changed back.

We simply love a loose leaf tea, so we decided to make a comprehensive guide on how to pick the right one. With our several years of drinking loose leaf tea and overall knowledge about it – you will learn more in this article than in several months or testing & retesting.

So, are you eager to learn more about it? Then keep reading because here we have everything you need to know:

green spoon with loose leaf tea

What Is Loose Leaf Tea?

A loose leaf tea refers to any tea that doesn’t come in a bagged presentation. Of course, some whole-leaf teas are also loose, but they aren’t the same.

If you want to identify loose-leaf, you need to look for anything that looks like the small pieces in bagged tea but without the bags. And undoubtedly, it contains much less dust and residues from the tea leaves, which gives a much better consistency overall, more comfortable to brew and way tastier. Next, we’ll explain how tea is better this way.

How is Loose Leaf Tea Better than Regular Tea?

We tried loose leaf tea for a few weeks before we completely switched and never tried bagged tea again. And we did it for a few specific reasons that you may find compelling:


Loose tea doesn’t contain as much dust, or particle-like bagged tea does. The lack of this dust and small particles ensures that the brewing process goes perfectly and does not eliminate any flavor. You will find loose leaf tea much stronger in taste.


Along with the ability to provide a superior taste, loose leaves also give a fresh fragrance. All the properties that make the tea smell fantastic are contained within the leaves. But for bagged tea, these leaves are often broken down which reduces the smell strength. 


An excellent loose tea brand will make sure that the bag does not have more than 3 months before it is sold. This makes the selling process harder, but it ensures that users receive exactly what they want.

More Natural

Bagged tea tends to have sugars and other artificial properties that could reduce the effectiveness of its natural features. That’s why loose leaf tea is also seen as a much healthier option.

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Types of Loose Leaf Teas to Think About

Apart from knowing the advantages of this tea over the regular ones, you may want to know the different types available out there. Here they are:

Black Tea

The first and most common among loose leaf tea is the black one. It is a very common option because it contains as much caffeine as most coffees. So it becomes an ideal replacement for coffee but with an additional property: the amino acid content that lifts anyone up even more effectively than a cup of coffee.

Green Tea

Green tea is the most popular option when it comes to tea overall. But for loose leaf options, it is not that common. However, it is a pretty good choice for its vast amounts of amino acids and decent caffeine quantity. And surely, it is also said to help with weight loss, which can be a huge advantage. 

White Tea

If you want a gentle smell and soft flavor, then white tea is your best bet. It contains the smallest amount of caffeine with tons of antioxidants. You won’t have extra alert after drinking white tea, yet it will still taste delicious if properly prepared.

Oolong Tea

Often similar to black tea, Oolong comes directly from China. It has a sweet flavor and strong smell. But the real advantage comes from the immense quantities of antioxidants, often linked to weight loss, preventing cancer and reducing heart-disease risk.

Rooibos Tea

For an African option, Rooibos is the best you can find. It is a sweet alternative to all the previous ones, offering the ideal choice for making iced teas, and other beverages and reparations. It also contains lots of antioxidants.

Chai Tea

Coming directly from India, chai teas are among the most caffeinated of all. It usually contains spices, herbs, cardamom, cloves, and other things that increase its taste. You may also get Chai tea with little caffeine. You can use Chai tea to keep yourself up at night, or just enjoy something strong. It also offers many health benefits.

Herbal Tisanes

Finally, the herbal alternatives to loose leaf tea are also fantastic to think about. They come with a few herbs, spices, flowers, cinnamon, peppermint, mint, and fruits along with the tea. The flavors and aromas are exceptional. These tisanes are also useful as nasal decongestants and stomach relievers.

What to Consider When Buying Loose Leaf Tea Brands

After learning a few small things about loose leaf tea, it is time to learn how to pick the best loose leaf tea according to the most critical factors. Here’s what you should always focus on:

Less Sugar and Flavors

While flavors and extra ingredients are ideal for tastiness, they may add extra calories to the blends. We recommend those with less sugar and ingredients for the perfect healthy tea.

Fresh Is Always Better

After passing the 6 months threshold, a loose leaf tea loses some of its qualities. That’s why we recommend a fresh harvest of no more than 3 months. That will be enough to keep it for up to 3 more months in your kitchen and still get all its qualities.

Choose First Harvests

If you can pick a loose leaf tea that was harvested in the first few months of the year (January to April), that will be a great choice. These are often tastier and much healthier than others. 

Choose Organic Harvests

The more organic the harvest, the better – so focus on those with natural productions if possible. They contain fewer pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives that reduce the health features, smell, and flavor of the tea.

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5 Best Loose Leaf Tea Brands 2019

Here’s where you will earn the most: in our reviews of the best organic loose leaf tea brands. We chose 5 of the highest-quality alternatives, and the ones we preferred overall. Here’s what we found about them:

Vahdam English Breakfast Original Black Tea Leaves

Fresh harvest from one of the best black tea leaves in the market: the Vahdam English Breakfast.It is strong and rich in aroma and heavily caffeinated. If you love energizing teas that overwhelm your palate, this is your best choice.

It comes directly from India, which gives it a unique quality overall. And you can make it work for a wide array of tea preparations, going from iced tea to an early morning hot cup, or even Kombucha if you want.

You can totally trust that this brand focuses on quality above anything else. And to make sure of that, it delivers a fresh harvest with no sugars or extra ingredients. It is pure black tea that lasts up to 200 cups in a 16-ounce bag.

In short, this tea is the perfect choice for strong-tea lovers. If you are one of those, then this one will make you happy.


  • Strong black tea smell
  • Fresh harvest with no extra ingredients
  • Comes with no sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Extra caffeinated makes it ideal for mornings


  • Taste is not as strong as expected
  • Additional caffeine content does not match its soft flavor

Harney & Sons Paris Flavored Black Tea

Another loose leaf black tea that stands out and we couldn’t leave behind is the Harney & Sons Paris. This one takes a simple black tea to a whole new level.What stands out about this option is the ability to introduce all kinds of flavors to the black tea. You’ll get all the dominant fruity tastes that French people like, including the popular lemon Bergamot touch that highlights a strong essence as well.

One interesting factor that will impress you is the zero sugar content. But it is not because it is sour, but because it is actually sweet. And it all comes down to its unique set of ingredients that captivate the palate of any drinker – without the artificial or high-calorie content of sweeteners.

In short, you can enjoy a sweet, fruity, and delightful taste without having to ingest any unhealthy ingredient. The smell is also fantastic, which will give you a massive boost in pleasure.


  • The fruity and sweet taste
  • Doesn’t contain sweeteners
  • The unique blend of ingredients
  • Smell amazing in every way


  • A little expensive
  • Not ideal for strong palates

Ghograjan Tea Estate Royal Masala Chai Tea

Everyone who knows about Chai tea also knows it is never a bad choice. Coming directly from India, this fantastic addition to anyone’s kitchen will surpass the highest expectations.We loved it because of its wide array of tastes inside. You can enjoy everything from ginger to cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves – everything organically and with no sweeteners.

The tea result will be flavorful and aromatic. You will have the chance to enjoy one of the best options out there, coming directly from one of the highest-ranked brands in the world.

For those who love enjoying a highly flavored option in the morning, this one will works wonders. It is probably the best one to taste along with some milk.

As a black tea, this one goes a step further from its competitors to deliver superb results. You just need to add some sugar, and it will taste fantastic.


  • A unique blend of flavors for extra pleasure
  • Robust smell and gentle taste
  • Decent caffeine amount for morning drinks
  • Contains no sugar or sweeteners


  • Comes in granules which demands a laborious preparation
  • Spices are not as present as expected

Tiesta Tea Eternity Tea Loose Leaf & Herbal Blends

If you want a set of loose leaf tea bags with Tisanes, Black Tea, and White Tea, this one is your best choiceIt combines Watermelon Moringa with Pomegranatopia, Tahitian Vanilla Cran, Citrus Detox, Peachy Keen, and Blueberry Wild Child with White Tea in loose leaves.

You won’t find any lack of flavor in this sampler pack, and it won’t let you down in taste either. It will ultimately surpass your expectations and deliver enough tea for a wide array of experiences.

Each bag contains little sugar and sweeteners, and the flavors are so varied that you can enjoy it without leaving behind versatility.

Excellent for those who love variety, this sampler pack comes like an ideal choice. A set of tisane loose leaf bags that you shouldn’t overlook.


  • The wide array of flavors and smells
  • Contains little amounts of sweeteners
  • Fantastic cost for the 5-bag set
  • Enough tea for several days


  • Some flavors are too mild
  • Not the easiest to brew

Valley of Tea Tie Guan Yin Roast Chinese Oolong Tea

To finish this list, we need to mention one of our favorite options: the Tie Guan Yin Roast from Valley of Tea.This is an Oolong tea harvest that delivers no less than the strong smell and taste that it is known for. But this one is still soft and gentle on your palate. It comes with honey and a sweet roast that leaves a perfect aftertaste.

The best part is the fact that it comes directly from China, and it is expertly picked and produced to be fresh before getting to your hands. Any bag you get to your house will not have more than 6 months, which ensures a fresh product.

You can enjoy this tea without leaving any of its properties behind either, especially the antioxidants and decent amount of caffeine. Whether you want it to enjoy a sweet afternoon cup or an energizing morning, this is an excellent option for sure.


  • Superb Oolong tea for extra antioxidants
  • Leaves a sweet & pleasant aftertaste
  • Ensures a fresh bag every time
  • Blends well with any ingredient


  • More expensive than alternatives
  • Could have a stronger smell


After getting through all the reviews and essential info about loose leaf teas, it is time you learn which one is your best choice. But this won’t be easy, as it all comes down to personal preference.

To give you a hand, we can say that Harney & Sons Paris Flavored Black Teais among the highest-quality options out there. The sweetness and unique mix of tastes will not let you down.

But if you want a way stronger option, the Valley of Tea Tie Guan Yin Roast Chinese Oolong Tea is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Despite its high price tag, it is the best in the whole list.

But don’t rush to get any of them. Remember, the best loose leaf tea brands are the one that matches your demands above everything else. So focus on that, and you’ll get a nice loose leaf bag.