Best Knife Brands – Chop or Slice Like a Master!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best knife brand is. Then we recommend the  GLAD GLD-79053 Kitchen Pro Euro Series Knife Set. As the best in our knife brands reviews.

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Getting a new set of knives for your kitchen but don’t know what to go for? Then don’t worry – with the best knife brands we have here, you’ll find the perfect choice.

Knives are essential for the kitchen. You can do tons of different things with them. But that’s only possible when you pick the right brand of knives.

And that’s what we want to show you here: the different options available so you can get the most out of your kitchen knives.

If you are eagerly looking for the right set of knives, then you’ll find this article utterly helpful. Here’s everything you need to know! Take a look!

How Many Knives Do you Need?

One of the main questions that most people have when buying knives is the number of items they’ll get. This can make the whole knife set useless or super useful.

It all depends on personal needs. But overall, we always recommend to go for brands that offer at least the following knives:

  1. A chef knife that cuts, chops, and slices smoothly.   
  2. A serrated knife for cutting bread.
  3. An edgeless or putty knife for spreading.
  4. A paring knife for cutting apples, potatoes, and the like.
  5. A boning knife for filleting cuts of meat, fish, and even chicken.

With these 5 types of knives, you will have enough to enjoy a practical set. But getting a few more knives like tomatoes, peeling, steak, santoku, and Japanese knives can always be a good idea if you want them. Anything less than 5 is not.

How to Take Care of your Knives

Even if you get good knife brands, it is essential to take care of them. Otherwise, you may end up with ugly and useless knives. To prevent that, you should do the following:

Sharpen the Knives

Keeping an edge on your cutting items allows a perfect experience when slicing, chopping, or peeling. Most brand sets come with their sharpening stone or stick. But you may need to look for your own one in most cases. In general, keeping the edge will ensure that you can use the knife for long.

Read more about knife sharpener in this guide.

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Hone the Knives

Similarly to sharpening, honing maintains the edge but without the metal residues. This is like getting rid of any unwanted particles on the edge or body of the knife, so you can use it effectively.

In other words, honing is maintaining the sharp edge of a knife sharp and without inconsistencies. To keep your knives honed, we recommend doing it every time before using it. That will keep the edge for long so you won’t have to re-sharpen that much.

Chop & Cut Correctly

One of the best ways to keep your knives working for long is to use them the right way. For that, we recommend only chopping and cutting with the knife pointing to 10 o’clock. That would be in a diagonal position instead of vertical or horizontal.

And of course, never lift the knife from the cutting board or tabletop. You can cut and chop by maintaining the knife close, which prevents the edge from dulling out fast.

On top of that, never use your knives on anything that’s not food. People love opening boxes, cutting clothes, and slicing plastics with hot knives. Don’t do that and your knives will last.  

Don’t Use the Dishwasher

While this can be counterintuitive, we actually recommend not doing it. Dishwashers save time and effort, but they can harm the handles, edges, and corrode knives over time. Instead, you can wash all your knives by hand, softly, and with care to clean them without causing any damage. Dry them off entirely afterward.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Knife Set

After learning how you can get the most out of your knives, it is time to learn how you can pick the best kitchen knife brands. Here are 3 factors to think about:


You’ll find that most knives are made of either stainless steel or carbon steel. We recommend stainless steel for its quality and low costs. But carbon steel is also an excellent idea if you want more durability and cutting capacity.

As for the handles, you will find wood, plastic, metal, and composites. We recommend plastics and woods over all others. Metals can be slightly dangerous when wet, and composites can break easily. Wood and plastics, on the other hand, are safe and durable.


The best knife set brand will not only offer high-quality materials but also a practical storage piece. Also called knife block or rock – the storage helps to keep the items organized & at easy hand reach.

We recommend wooden blocks over all others due to their lightness but decent durability. Plastic ones are not bad, either. And metal options are not necessarily bad, but they can be incredibly large & heavy.

Hardness Level

Lastly, you’ll have to consider the hardness level of the knives. This is measured in Rockwell points. We recommend at least 50+ of hardness if you want decent knives.

At this point, you can cut tons of different foods without losing strength over time. On top of that, it offers better sharpening and does not wear off easily.

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5 Best Knife Brands Reviews 2019

You went through all the different factors to think about when choosing kitchen knife brands – now it is time to learn about the best options out there. Here are 5 high-quality knife reviews to consider:

1. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Knife Set Block

The first and most expensive option in the list is the Dalstrong Gladiator Series. This is a high-end set of knives that any kitchen owner will appreciate.Dalstrong is a brand that stands out for its quality-oriented constructions and designs. And you’ll know they leave nothing behind as soon as you see the superb high-carbon German steel construction each knife in this set offers.

They are full-tang pakkawood handles for extra grip and exceptional looks. Each knife provides corrosion resistance for decades and comes with a satin finish that leaves your eyes gazing.

The steel build offers 56+ of Rockwell strength, which ensures a super durable & strong product. And with the different models you get with a Santoku, a Chef’s, a Carving, a Bread, Serrated, Paring, and Utility knife – you’ll have all the necessary options for a complete kitchen experience.

All of them fit inside the acacia wood block so you can store them without problems. Add the honing rod so you can keep them sharp for long.


  • Stylish & durable handles
  • Comes with all necessary knives
  • High-quality carbon German steel
  • Handy and good-looking acacia wood block


  • Super expensive set
  • Need constant hone for edge to last

2. GLAD GLD-79053 Kitchen Pro Euro Series Knife Set

You don’t need a fancy set of knives to be happy. Instead, you can get a standard model like the Glad GLD-79053 and cut anything without problems.This set stands out for having 15 different knives. But you can also pick the 3-piece option if needed. Whatever you go for, you’ll get a Chef, a Utility, and a Paring/Bread knife. With the largest set you’ll get 6 steak knives, kitchen sears, and a sharpening tool. Add the rubberwood block for storage, and you’ll be set.

But it is not the number or types of items that stand out, but the considerable quality that comes with them. Here, you can enjoy high-carbon stainless steel that prevents corrosion and stains. This also ensures a long-lasting edge that cuts through anything effectively.

The handles are full-tang so you can have a proper grip. This pairs up well with a light design, so handling the knives is a piece of cake.


  • Comes in two different sets for convenience
  • Resilient & long-lasting high-carbon steel build
  • Sharpening tool makes it easy to get sharp edges
  • Practical rubber wood block for storage


  • Not sharp when they arrive
  • The light design can be challenging to cut with

3. Victorinox Forschner Fibrox Deluxe C. Knife Roll Set

Among the many top knife brands, Victorinox always appears like an excellent choice. The Forschner Fibrox Deluxe Set is not an exception.If you’re a large-knife enthusiast, you’ll find this brand a perfect choice with the spear point paring knife, the boning knife, and the chef’s knife along with a Granton slicer and a wavy bread knife. You will also get a sharpening steel rod and a polyester carrying bag for storage.

You can get the most out of this set as a homemade or restaurant chef. It is made to last and cut effective, boasting carbon steel blades for ultimate sharpness.

The handles are slip-resistant with a Fibrox build. This offers excellent grip and delivers exceptional durability.

Putting it all together, especially the cold-rolled steel build and the conical design of the blades will provide extremely reliable cutting. You won’t have any problem achieving desired results with this knife bag.


  • Large & practical set of knives
  • Grip-oriented Fibrox handles
  • Resistant & sharp carbon steel blades
  • Unique carrying bag for storage


  • Not the most practical selection of knives
  • The knife sharpener is not as useful as expected

4. Cangshan N1 Se. German Steel Forged Knife Block Set

When it comes to exceptional knife brands, Cangshan can be left out. The N1 Series ensures a superb experience with your knives, so you can achieve the ultimate chopping and cutting for years.What really stands out about this brand is the chance to get the set you prefer. It offers 8 different options from a 3-piece set for small kitchens up to a 23-piece collection for the largest ones – so you can go for the one that matches your demands.

The best about this brand is the massive amount of detail in every knife. Made with heat-treated carbon German steel, you will receive the most durable knives out there. With the ability to stand decades of use and a 58+ Rockwell hardness level that will go through anything.

You’ll receive any type of knife you want, from the serrated utility to the bread knife, a Chef’s, Santoku, Boning, tomato, paring, and more – depending on what set you to go for.

The handles boast the same steel construction, making them undoubtedly beautiful and easy to use. Add the walnut wood block for extra practicality, and you’ll get an almost perfect option overall.


  • Extremely high-quality German steel build
  • Offers a wide array of sets
  • Ultra-stylish knives and woodblock
  • Outstanding hardness level for durability


  • Super expensive
  • The metal handle can be a little dangerous to use

5. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Int. Forged Premio Knife Set

When it comes to the best chef knife brands, Zwilling J.A Henckels International is an option you shouldn’t dismiss. The Forged Premio knives are an excellent reason why.This set comes with two paring knives, a utility knife, a boning knife, a serrated knife, a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and eight steak knives as well as kitchen sears, a sharpening steel rod, and a block wood with a cherry finish.

This will be enough to enjoy all kinds of cutting in your kitchen. Yet, it doesn’t leave style or durability behind, boasting a stainless steel construction with riveted handles. It is a forged construction that ensures top-notch balance, weight, and cutting smoothness.

From the cherry finish of the wooden block to the superb style of the knives edges and even the comfy & grip-oriented handles – everything is graceful, practical, and durable.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels makes sure that you won’t have to get any other set of knives ever again. Despite its price, this set is totally worth having.


  • Beautiful blades, handles & wooden block
  • Superb stainless steel blades for smooth cutting
  • Comes with every knife you will ever need
  • Balanced, easy-to-handle, and grip-oriented design


  • The small wood block is not as practical as expected
  • The sharpening tool is not the best


It’s normal to be confused before picking a knife set. It happens to us with other products as well – even after years of kitchen experience. Luckily for you, we know exactly which models to consider:

If you are a beginner who’s not looking for anything fancy – then the GLAD GLD-79053 Kitchen Pro Euro Series Knife Set will be ideal for you. The cheap yet durable & resilient construction will work for years as long as you take care of them.

But if you don’t like cheap options, then there’s nothing better for you than the DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Knife Set Block. Despite its expensiveness, the whole set will set your standards higher in every way.

Don’t rush out, though. The best knife brands offer several kinds of options you can pick, as well as tons of features to enjoy. You should go for the one that matches your needs – and you’ll be ready to enjoy the right brand to the max.