Best Jerky Gun – Give Shape to your Ground Meat!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best jerky gun is. Then we recommend the  LEM Products 468 Jerky Cannon. As the best in our jerky gun reviews.

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Want to make delicious jerky dry meat? Then you have no alternative than to use the best jerky gun.

You won’t have to spend hours jerking the meat by hand. And every strip or round piece of meat will be perfect in the end.

But you need to be careful. While jerky guns look simple and straightforward, there are tons of different things to think about before buying.

In this article, we’re going over everything that makes a jerky gun an excellent choice – or not. Want to know what we’re talking about? Then keep reading!

What is a Jerky Gun?

Let’s start by giving you a comprehensive idea of what a jerky gun does.

In short, we can say that it helps you make jerky strips of meats. If you’ve ever eaten one of these, you’ll know they’re totally worth it.

But how does a jerky gun does it? Well, the process is easy. Ground meat goes into the jerky gun, then the user pushes the meat through a small hole, and then a strip of meat comes out from the other side.

The jerky strip can be of many different sizes and thicknesses. It all depends on the user’s needs and wants.

To make the dry jerky, the user needs to use a food dehydrator eventually. But the primary process of making the jerky starts with the gun.

Why Use a Jerky Gun?

When a person is not entirely familiar with what a jerky gun does, then using one may be something unnecessary. But it’s not.

Here are a few different advantages you’ll get from knowing what is the best jerky gun and how to get the most out of it:

  • Saves time, effort, and allows more creativity with jerky meat. People who love making dry jerky will not hesitate to use a jerky gun to save time and make their results much better.
  • Shaping up the meat by hand is a thing of the past. You won’t have to handle the ground meat after it comes out of the jerky gun, it will have the shape you want immediately.
  • Jerky guns work with any type of meat. Even if it is hard meat that would otherwise be impossible to use – you can use it to make strips with one of these.
  • Minimizes waste exponentially. Traditional jerky-making processes involved cutting strips of meat until the perfect strip was left.
  • Allows the combination of several types of meat. You can use beef, pork, and chicken at the same time to enjoy the maximum jerky flavor.
  • The use and storage of the jerky gun are effortless. You won’t have to treat the item in a particular way to get the most out of it.

These are all benefits of using a jerky gun. When you get one for your home, you’ll have the chance to enjoy all of these and much more.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Jerky Gun

Before we get into your jerky gun reviews, we must learn about the vast array of things that compose a jerky shooter. Knowing this will help you pick the perfect product. Here’s what you should know:

Barrel Size

The size of the gun barrel will let you know how much meat you can pour inside. Depending on how much, you’ll know whether it is enough for you or not.

If you’re continually preparing jerky strips for yourself, then a small 1-pound model will work. But if you have a large family that is often eating dry jerky – then you’ll want a 2-pound model or larger if possible.


You’ll want a jerky gun to be straightforward. We are not saying that it should be easy to use, but that it should prevent any type of issues like clogging, disarming parts, and lack of strength in some places.

The whole jerky-making process should be as smooth as possible. For that, we recommend going for the models with the least number of parts.

Ease of Use

Apart from being smooth when making jerky strips, you’ll want the whole process of making the jerkies to be as effortless as possible.

The least amount of work you’ll have to do, the better it will be in the long term. Also, consider cleaning ease to prevent wasting time on the dishwasher.


The construction of the jerky gun is another critical factor to think about. It will change the whole quality of the jerky while adding durability & corrosion resistance.

For us, the best material for jerky shooters is stainless steel. Close second you’ll find aluminum. Then, you can consider other materials like plastic.

Steel will avoid any corrosion and make the whole cleaning process easy. Aluminum is similar but less sturdy overall. And plastic is not a bad option for its lightness, but cleaning and durability get reduced exponentially.


While construction, ease of use, and the size of the gun matter – it is the different types of accessories that make a jerky gun kit useful.

These attachments mostly go on the tip of the shooter. They help to make different types of strips depending on your needs. You can find them thick, thin, round, square, and so on.

We recommend going for as many attachments as possible – they will increase your creativity and make it possible to enjoy all types of jerkies.

Type of Meat

Finally, you’ll have to know precisely what kind of meat works better with the gun. Some models work well with beef meat, others work well with turkey, and some of them may even offer perfect chicken jerky-making.

It all comes down to what you prefer. But overall, going for the standard beef jerky gun can be an excellent idea.

beef jerky in the making

5 Best Jerky Guns Reviews 2019

After learning all about jerky guns and how you can pick the best one – it is time to get familiar with some of them. Here are 5 options with their own review that will help you out:

1. JerkySpot The Judge Beef Jerky Gun

For those who want a high-quality beef jerky gun – JerkySpot has the perfect model to go for.The first thing you’ll notice is the huge barrel that can hold 2.7 pounds of meat inside. This is enough to make several strips without problems.

Then, you’ll see that the whole construction comes with anodized aluminum and cast-iron pistol grip. Yet, the extruder is made of stainless steel which ensures a corrosion-free product.

Using this jerky gun is super easy still. Despite its colossal design and capacity to handle practically any type of meat you want, you can still use it in just seconds without having to waste any effort. The entire product is smooth & straightforward.

Apart from all that, you will get two steel attachments to make either round or flat strips when needed. You won’t have any issue achieving the desired jerky shape for your needs.

This pairs up really well with the disarming process, which allows you to clean the whole shooter in just seconds. You will even get a cleaning brush that cleans the entire barrel without problems.


  • High-quality steel & aluminum construction
  • Smooth & easy-to-use design
  • Extra-large barrel for tons of meat
  • Excellent accessories for convenience


  • The huge design may be difficult to store
  • A little difficult to clean due to its size

2. SIGVAL Jerky Gun

It isn’t necessary to go for the largest jerky shooter when you only need a small one. And that’s precisely what you’ll get with the small but super reliable Sigval Jerky Gun.The construction of this gun starts with heavy-duty plastic caps that prevent any kind of corrosion. With an anodized aluminum barrel, you can be sure it will last a lifetime. And with the die-cast metal handle, you will have a durable product that won’t break easily.

Making jerky strips with this model is a piece of cake. You can create super delicious jerkies without having to waste any time either – as the process is super easy. A smooth plunger makes pushing the meat a piece of cake.

It even comes with 3 stainless steel nozzles so you can achieve the desired jerky shape. And with the 2 precise cleaners, getting the gun off meat will be a piece of cake. Whether it is making your favorite jerky strips or reaching the most challenging areas when cleaning – you won’t have any issue with this gun.


  • Super easy operation
  • Reliable aluminum build
  • Practical set of steel nozzles
  • Additional brushes make cleaning effortless


  • Additional nozzles can be hard to clean
  • Not the best cleaning brushes

3. LEM Products 555 Jerky Gun

Among the many brands that are worth having in the jerky-gun space – LEM is undoubtedly one of them. That’s why we couldn’t let it out of this review list.One of the main features of this gun is the heavy-duty construction. It is made of plastic which ensures a corrosion-free experience while delivering top-notch smoothness when making the strips.

It is still a super small option, at only 3/4 pounds of capacity. You can make almost a pound of jerky strips with this model. That won’t be enough for most people, but an almost perfect choice for a single person.

You will get the perfect set of accessories still, with two flat nozzles, a round nozzle, and a Backwoods Jerky Seasoning bag so you can make the meat super delicious.

Despite its small design, it offers ideal operation and reduces the amount of time and effort you’ll have to waste when making jerkies. And that’s something you mustn’t dismiss.


  • High-quality plastic construction
  • Super easy to use design
  • Makes jerky meat in just seconds
  • Reliable cast-iron handle design


  • Does not push all the meat out
  • The small barrel does not prepare too many strips

4. Smokehouse Products Jerky Gun

For those who prefer affordability over anything else, the smoking gun jerky from Smokehouse will come like an almost perfect option.There’s probably nothing about this machine that you could hate. Starting from its build, you can get a corrosion-free product thanks to its aluminum barrel. This goes well with its 1-pound of meat capacity so you can make tons of jerky strips at once.

With the cast-iron handle, you can enjoy a super smooth process. It will make the meat strips in just seconds, without you even having to make any strength.

And of course, you’ll get two different nozzles so you can decide whether you want a large flat or round jerkies.

For those who don’t need a large gun and instead want something small but super smooth to use – this is the jerky shooter to go for.

Finally, you’ll get a unique Dry Rub & Mix Jerky Seasonings that help to make the most delicious strips out there.


  • An effortless operation for fast strips
  • Easy-to-use & practical design
  • Corrosion-free metal construction
  • Ideal capacity for several pieces


  • Doesn’t come with the cleaning brush
  • The plastic barrel is not as reliable as metal

5. LEM Products 468 Jerky Cannon

A LEM jerky gun that is totally worth considering is the jerky Cannon 468. This is a top-notch option for those who want excellent barrel capacity and the smoothest jerky-making process.As soon as you set your eyes on it, you’ll know it is made from anodized aluminum. This ensures a durable and much more resistant product overall. And with its ability to host 1.5 pounds of meat, you will have enough to make several strips at once.

The heavy-duty plastic piston and steel handle with plastic coating ensure a durable mechanism for years. Even the rod is made from stainless steel, which pushes the meat out without corroding or losing strength.

You will also get several accessories, including a flat jerky nozzle, and a rounded snack stick nozzle. This goes well with the nylon brush, which ensures easy & straightforward cleaning.

On top of all that, you will have the chance to enjoy two bags of Backwoods Seasonings – ideal to make the tastiest strips of jerky meat.


  • Huge design holds tons of meat
  • Durable & reliable anodized aluminum build
  • Well-made handle, rod & piston
  • A superb set of accessories for convenience


  • Large & heavy design can be tricky to handle
  • he cleaning brush is not the best


Don’t need to waste effort and time making meat jerkies as soon as you get one of these. But getting the right one can be difficult. If you aren’t yet sure about which one to go for – then let us give you a better idea.

In this list, there’s no better option than the LEM Products 468 Jerky Cannon. The large design, the multiple accessories, and the smooth mechanism make it a perfect addition to any jerky lover’s kitchen. But it can be too large for most people.

In that case, you can go for the SIGVAL Jerky Gun. It offers everything you could need in one of these guns – and without being too large.

Whatever you go for, remember that the best jerky gun is the one that matches your needs. As long as you get the right product following your requirements, then there’s nothing else to ask for. Go and pick one now!