Top 5 best electric knife sharpener for your kitchen

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best electric knife sharpener. Then we recommend the Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone. As the best one in our electric knife sharpener reviews.

In This Article, We’re Going To Review The Following Electric knife sharpener:

Why do we need a knife sharpener?

No matter what kind of knife you gonna use, sharp blades is essential for the performance of your knife and safety. 

This is because of a dull blade requires more force to do the job than a sharp blade. What we trying to say here is that if you have a knife or knives, then you must have a sharpener to keep your blades in top form.

There are of course some companies, that offers the service of sharpening their own brand of knives. 

Here you have to have in mind the risk of loss during shipment or damage during handling. This process can take weeks before you get your knives back.

You can take a professional road with the hassle factor that’s involved. And let others to take care of sharpening your knives. 

Or you can do it by yourself using our guide of electric knife sharpener.

How Many Stages?

You can get a knife sharpener up to four “stages”. Each stage allows you to sharpen the knife just enough, but not too much. 

A quick touch up before slicing a onion or tomato, then using stage 3 will be able to finely hone the edge.

Most of the knife sharpener have two stages, coarse and fine. Typically the best models comes with three or more stages. 

This kind of sharpener allows you to sharpen a very dull blades fast or enable the blades to be honed very finely. One stage sharpener we will more recommend it for pocket or utility knives.

You must be careful with sharpener that has only one stage. That’s because they are coarse and removes more metal and shortens the life of your knives. 

We don’t say you should avoid them, cause they are not bad. But you should be aware of the limitations.

How often should a knife be sharpened?

This is one of the most common question we get when we talk about knives. But there is not a definite answer to this. 

To find out how often you need to sharpen your knives is tricky. Because of many factors that affect how often you should sharpen a specific knife. 

The first thing is how often and how much you use the knife. If you use it very often, it is good to sharpen it every week. 

Beside sharpening, which is the grinding, does not need to be done so often. Because grinding too often can remove too much material from the blade and damage the knife.

Your knives need to be grounded once or twice a year. But polishing and honing you can do more often, depending on how much you use it. 

There is one more factor on how often the knife needs to be sharpened, and it is the purpose for which you are using it for. 

Are you using your knife for chopping hard materials such as bones? Then it needs more maintenance than if you used it on cutting softer materials. 

It is not easy to know if your knife needs honing or grinding. But there are easy ways to help you know that your knife is not sharp enough.

The best and easiest ways to see when your knife is cutting through something soft, like a tomato, instead of squishing it. You can also feel the blade with your thumb to see if there are any burrs on the edge.

nice sharp knife

How to choose the Best Electric Knife Sharpener

We have rounded up some of the things you need to consider, before buying the right sharpener for your kitchen.

Sharpening Slots

Both sides of a knives blade that needs to be sharpened to a certain uniform degree. That’s why electric sharpeners comes with 2 slots on each of the wheels. 

This designed to make it easier to sharpen both sides. By turning the blade from left to right and not move the device. 

These slots made to provide the sharpening of the blade to a specific angle after your knives type.

Angle Guide

Doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you will still need a device with an angle guide. And this is so you can attain the previously mentioned angles. 

The angle guide will make your sharpening fast, accurate and easier. So remember to always look after a electric sharpener with angle guide on it.

Abrasive material

The abrasive material handles the sharpening work. The components that’s used in the abrasive material. Is to make it affect the precision of the sharpening. 

The wheels made of titanium, tungsten carbide, ceramic or diamond. The best of these are the diamond. 

The reason for that is that diamond do not get hot when sharpening, and the knives do not get damage in the process. It creates a sharp durable edge instead.


Before you go out to buy a electric sharpener, it is a good idea to see what types of knives you will need to sharpen. 

What kind of blades they have, the materials and are they straight or serrated edges. 

This is a good thing to be aware of and then look for the best electric sharpener that suits your knives. Make sure that the one you choose can handle most of your knives.


Electric sharpeners known to be heavy. That’s because of the motor, sharpening wheels and the metals used in their construction. 

Still you have to pick one you can easily move around with. You will be able to find the battery powered or ones that are plugged in. 

The best compromise would be to buy one that uses both batteries and can be plugged in.  

Our Top 5 Best Electric Knife Sharpener

We have found our top 5 best electric knife sharpener, we hope that you can use it to your advantage.

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric knife Sharpener

This Presto sharpener has a simple design and function. This is for people who loves simple sharpener without too many complicated features. 

That can make their job done fast and yet without any struggle.This electric sharpener comes with a clear and easy instruction book on how it should be used. Your job will be to follow it and get your knife sharpened in no time. 

It is a two step process you have to follow. First, you have to slide the blade through the two slots that’s designed for step one, which grinds your blades.

In the second step you have to slide the blade through the other two slots, Which hones your blade. The slots in this knife sharpener placed in an angle so you don’t have to depend, on any kind of guesworld on the blade’s sharpening angle. 

This ensures that you get the same result every time you sharpen your knife using this sharpener.

The sharpening wheels on this one, made of hard and high-quality material called Sapphirite. This material is used in professional knife shops around the world. 

Sapphirite material gives your sharpener high durability. And to achieve a professional grade sharpening results.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • The angle of the slots – you get the right sharpening angles everytime
  • The bottom of this machine has containers, that collect the metal fillings from the sharpening process. To keep your workspace clear of metal dirt
  • Three different modes, so you can select the most suitable for your knife
  • You can not sharpen curved or serrated blades

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV

This electric knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice is set at 15 degree. And it’s meant for double-bevel or single-bevel 15 degree class knives. 

It can convert your 20 degree knives to 15 degrees as well. But, there is one downfall to the traditional 15 degrees bevel angle. That is the fact that they tend to chip or break due to its thinness.Yet, the best thing with this electric knife sharpener is. That they have taken that into consideration and converts your knife into a 15 degrees angle. 

With a triple bevel so that its durability is not compromised. What we trying to say is. That with this machine you get the sharp 15 degrees angle and a high durability for your blades. 

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

This device has a three stage process, and three different types of slots to do their specific plans. The first and the second stages sharpening discs in the slot made of pure diamond abrasive. 

Their job is to sharpening the blade and creating bevels in the knife for durability. It is in this stages that it will form the 15 degrees angle on the blade. 

The third stage slots are with stropping material. This polishes and smoothes out the sharpened the blades on your knife. This electric sharpener can be used to sharpen any type of kitchen knives.

  • Converts the European and the American knives styles to 15 degree Japanese style blades
  • Easy to use
  • Triple bevel sharpening ensures edge last longer
  • Serrated blades friendly
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Not suitable for knives that need to maintain 20 degree edge
  • Power cord is too short. You need an extension cord to solve this
  • It is a little huge compared to smaller 2 stage sharpener

Shenzhen Knives Sharpener Series 

This electric knife sharpener are for those. That have been looking for the ceramic or stainless steel knives sharpener. 

Stop your search cos you have found it. And while you are here. Then take a look at our cookware section for best ceramic cookware setor for how to clean stainless steel cookware.The unique feature of this knife sharpener beside. That it can work with ceramic and stainless steel knives. 

Is that you can remove the two sharpening wheels from the cartridge, for easy cleaning. Which is on the main body. 

The two stones on this cartridge is different. One is with a 600 grit for coarse sharpening, and the other one with 800 grit for fine sharpening or honing.

The stones on this are both made of diamond abrasive and when you combined it with the machine’s powerful motor. 

You can fix chips your knives blades that are even 1mm deep. Because of the raised slots on this device it is easy for the blade to be sharpened from its tip to the handle.

  • The compact design make it easy to storage
  • Ceramic knives and stainless steel friendly
  • Removes chips that are even 1mm deep
  • The diamond abrasives
  • Easy to clean
  • The raised slots can sharpen the blades near the handle.
  • Can’t be used to sharpen serrated knives, outdoor knives or scissors

Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener

This sharpener is one of those that will make it easy for you to clean up after sharpening a knife. Most of the knives have the problem, with certain degree of difficulty in cleaning the mess thereafter. 

This product has mess free receptacles that can easy remove plugs. The plugs catch the metal fillings shards, and can then be removed and cleaned.This machine has automatic blade positioning guides. That keeps the knife in best position and the suction cups in the bottom of the device keeps it secure. 

The LINYO features a 2 stage sharpening procedure. The first stage reshapes the angle and sharpens as well as rejuvenates the edge.

The stage 2 makes the final touch on the edge, it polishes and hones your sharpened blade. The automatic blade positioner prevents damage if it’s used not correct. 

Such as too much pressure. The machine will shut down to make sure you are using it correctly and you don’t damage your knives.

  • Safety features provided
  • Automatic blade positioning
  • Easy to clean
  • Decent cord provided
  • Quick sharpening
  • Only works with straight edged knives.

Chef’s Choice 120 

This is the second product from Chef’s Choice that we have in our review. And it is because of that the Chef’s Choice is a well-respected name in the kitchen appliance industry. 

And This 120 model with 3-stage sharpener lives up to the brands reputation.

This model is much like to the one we have discussed before. The big difference is that this one is without ability to convert a 20 degree bevel edge into 15 degrees. 

To some users this is a downside, but to others who don’t want their knife edges to be too thin, they will love this one.

But, the Chef’s Choice 120 has all the features that you would find on the 15 Trizor XV model. Without going too much in details it has all the features. 

Such as 100 percent diamond abrasives for stage 1 and 2, flexible angle guide, and a stropping dics for stage 3.

  • The same features as the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV model
  • Do not turn knifes bevel angle to 15 degrees
  • Makes the blades razor sharp
  • Works with different types of knives. Such like butcher’s knife, serrated knife, sporting knife etc.
  • It is not the best portable device, it weighs 4.7 pounds


Having a sharp knife is what you need when you have to prepare meals that involves cutting. Thus having an electric sharpener at your kitchen is a good idea. 

It is an easy way to take care of your knives. Our favorite one is the Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone. This is in our opinion the best electric sharpener you will ever get. 

We hope that you can use this article for next electric sharpener.