Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker – Make Enough Coffee For the Day!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best 4 cup coffee maker i. Then we recommend the Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker As the best one in our 4 cup coffee maker reviews.

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Tired of having to prepare coffee multiple times a day to meet your needs? If so, then you need the best 4 cup coffee maker.

It is the most practical and easy-to-use model you can get to make as much coffee as needed for an entire day. Whether you drink 4 cups a day or you need to prepare enough for 4 or more people – then this type of coffee maker is your best bet.

We’ve been drinking coffee since we were teenagers, and the only way we’ve found to produce enough coffee for a day in a single carafe has been with one of these makers.

So, are you eager to learn more and probably end up with your next coffee-making machine? Then come further and find out!

Why Choose A 4 Cup Coffee Maker?

Before going into depth, let’s first learn why exactly a 4-cup coffee maker is such a great product to have.

As you are probably wondering, a 4-cup machine is not the largest of all. There are actually 8-cup and even 12-cup models out there. So, why do you need only 4 cups?

Well, because it is way more practical, easy to use, and still offers enough coffee to fill a single person’s entire dose of daily caffeine.

On top of that, you can place one of these machines anywhere in your kitchen, office, or bedroom. And it wouldn’t be weird or uncomfortable.

In short, a 4-cup coffee maker is a perfect choice for anyone looking for convenience. If you’re one of those coffee lovers – then you’ve come to the right place.

How to Take Care of a 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Now that you know what a four-cup maker is, you should know how to take care of it. Because even if you have the best 4 cup coffee maker 2019, improper care will end up in a deficient product. And sure, you don’t want your coffee machine to stop working.

For that, here are a few tips you can follow:

Wash Removable Parts after Using

All coffee makers come with a set of removable parts. These components are the ones that usually come in contact with liquids and coffee. So, they can quickly develop buildup, debris, and even rust.

We recommend cleaning them individually with soap after using them. This will keep them clean and prevent any unwanted elements from building up.

Clean with White Vinegar

Not many people know this, but white vinegar is actually one of the most effective cleaners you can use. And for coffee, one of the hardest things to get rid of, white vinegar works amazingly well.

The best way to do this is to pour white vinegar with some water inside the pot or carafe. Then let them rest for a few hours with the white vinegar inside so it gets rid of all the debris, stains, and coffee residues.

Make the last wash with soap, and you’ll have the cleanest coffee maker out there. Get rid of all vinegar later, you won’t like the coffee/vinegar flavor combination.

Store Safely

If you are storing the coffee maker after cleaning, we recommend a dry and safe place. Remember that coffee makers are part electronic, so it is essential to keep them safe from any liquids or possible damage.

Usually, people let them rest on the countertop of their kitchens. And that’s not a bad idea. But make sure they’re far away from faucets, liquids, and stoves. Both water and overheating can produce grave damage to coffee makers, so keep them away from those.

Disconnect After Using

Coffee makers are always draining electricity when connected. Whether it is to turn on their timers, clocks, to make coffee, or even to keep it warm – you need them to be connected.

But when you don’t need any of that, you should always disconnect the product. This will ensure that its components are not being used, so they don’t wear off over time. Also, it keeps them from electric discharges, short-circuits, and other potential electrical damage.

Keep all these four tips in mind when using a coffee maker, and you will get a more durable and useful product.

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How to Buy a 4 Cup Coffee Maker – Factors to Consider

After learning how to take care of your coffee machine, let’s now go over the different factors to consider before choosing one. Here are three of them:

Size or Capacity

Well, we’re talking about 4-cup machines, so they’re all the same in this matter. Aren’t they?

In reality, they are not. Even though they all offer 4 cups of capacity, you may find some of them larger than others, which impacts portability and storage.

For example, a small 4 cup coffee maker can go on your countertop without problems. You may have the chance to place it under the kitchen cabinets, travel with it, or even store it inside cabinets if needed.

But a large coffee machine won’t. You may not have the same portability or versatility. You may only have the chance to place it anywhere on your countertop with nothing over it.


Most coffee machines are totally safe, durable, and reliable to use. But it is still essential to know which materials to prevent, and which ones to go for.

Here, you’ll find that plastics, glass, and metal are pretty common. Well, we recommend all three.

Glass tends to come with the carafes. It makes them easier to heat up and keeps the coffee warm for longer. But glass can be too fragile and break easily.

Metal is another fast-heating material. It tends to be more durable and stands tons of heat for long. Sadly, they can rust and corrode over time.

Then, you’ll find plastics. They are not wrong to choose, but you should make sure they are BPA-free plastics. Otherwise, you may end up with weird-tasting and unhealthy coffee.

Ease of Use

You have a nicely sized and well-made machine, but it ends up being too hard to use. In that case, go for the most practical four cup coffee maker you can.

We always advise going for models with simple functions and ON/OFF systems. The simplest the machine, the better your experience with it will be.

Some models come with timers and clocks, others come with different coffee-making processes, and some of them may offer unique designs for cleaning.

Well, you should be sure what you’re going for before choosing – but always take ease of use into account over anything else.

5 Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers 2019

We know that processing all that previous information can take a little time. To process that info better, let’s go over a few coffee makers reviews so you can put it in practice:

1. Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker

The Mr Coffee 4 cup coffee maker is one of the most convenient models you can get. It stands out for its reliability and ease of use.The first thing you’ll notice is the ON/OFF indicator, so you can’t miss when it is working. Working alongside the Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause, you won’t have any problem grabbing a cup even while the machine is brewing – making it hugely practical.

The design boasts a dual-water window so you can always fill as much water as needed, no more and no less.

As for operation, it is a piece of cake. You will only need to add water, coffee, and then push the button. It will start brewing your coffee in no time.

It uses 650 watts of power in total and comes with a removable filter basket for easy cleaning. So it offers both ideal performance & cleaning ease.


  • Ease-to-use design with ON/OFF button
  • Practical  Grab-A-Cup function
  • Easy to clean removable filter


  • Has a mild smell of plastic at first
  • Heats up too much which can cause damage

2. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Serving Coffee Maker

If there’s a brand we’ll always recommend without a doubt – then that’s Black+Decker. And with the 5-Cup Service Coffeemaker, they make it clear why they’re so amazing.Using this machine is easier than peeling a mandarin. It all starts with the flip of a switch, and you’ll be able to start making coffee immediately. Just pour the water and coffee inside, and you’ll be ready.

The machine boasts a Duralite carafe made of glass. You can use it comfortably and still enjoy a durable & transparent product.

The Sneak-a-Cup feature allows you to fill a cup of coffee even while it’s brewing. You won’t have to wait for the whole process to taste it.

And with a space-saving design, you won’t have any problems storing or handling the machine. You can make it work anywhere you want, and it won’t be a problem.

Finally, you can clean it without problems, thanks to the filter and basket-style paper filters. So you get a hugely effective, practical, and easy-to-use machine overall.


  • Durable & practical Duralite carafe
  • Small design for portability & handling
  • Excellent Sneak-a-Cup feature


  • Doesn’t shut off automatically
  • Inconvenient ON/OFF button location

3. Capresso 426.05 Mini Drip Coffee Maker

For those looking for a 4 cup coffee maker with timer, then the Capresso 426.05 Mini Drip will come like the perfect choice.It is one of the smallest coffee makers that hold 5-cups of coffee. This is the perfect option for small offices or households.

The machine still offers a drip-stop system that lets you drink coffee even while it’s still brewing. You won’t have to wait for the process to end.

And with its programmable design, you won’t have any problem making it brew your coffee at the desired time. This goes well with the keep-warm feature that keeps the coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

Finally, it is a piece of cake to clean. You get a Gold Tone filter that you can clean in seconds and take out without making a mess.


  • Convenient programmable system
  • Handy Drip-Stop system when brewing
  • The compact design makes storage & placement easy


  • Condensates and drips water when pouring
  • Drip-Stop system may turn on at weird times

4. Cuisinart DCC-3200W Programmable Coffeemaker

There are some brands we love in almost every way. And Cuisinart is one of them. This Cuisinart 4 cup coffee maker is a perfect example of why.The machine produces some of the hottest coffees you can hope for. It also makes coffee in just minutes, which saves a lot of time and effort.

It still manages to offer a glass carafe that makes it easy to pour and handle. And with the stylish design, you won’t have any problem placing this machine on your modern countertop – even more so when you add its 12 different designs & builds.

The real advantage of this model is the control panel filled with functions. You can use its automatic 24-hour program, its self-clean feature, or even the 1-4 cup setting according to your needs. It also boasts an auto-off feature and an option alert tone for when the coffee is ready.

To make it even better, you get the Brew Pause function so you can fill your cup while it brews. And with the Goldtone and Charcoal filters, it will be easier to clean than any other. There’s no limit to the amazingness of this model.


  • Efficient & practical programmable system
  • Stylish & easy to use glass carafe
  • Superb heating capacity for fast coffee


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Carafe pours coffee slower than expected

5. KitchenBro Coffee Maker 

Simplicity never disappoints, especially if we’re talking about a convenient & well-made product like the KitchenBro Coffee Maker.This is a 600-watt machine that makes coffee in minutes. It delivers outstanding flavor and holds enough coffee for 4 cups throughout the day.

Yes, you can make this system heat up your coffee after done for several hours thanks to its keep-warm function.

This pairs up with the anti-drip design so you can control the pouring more easily. The carafe is also small and light, so controlling it won’t be an issue.

Lastly, you get a simple ON/OFF operation, so making coffee becomes a piece of cake. Even cleaning is effortless with the removable cone filters. You won’t have any to complain about this coffee maker.


  • Useful Anti-Drip system & carafe design
  • Strong heating capacity for fast coffee
  • Easy operation with simple controls


  • The carafe may leak when pouring
  • Doesn’t shut off automatically which can be dangerous


So, are you ready to get a magnificent coffee maker in your house or office? Then make sure you get the right model.

If you aren’t sure of what model to pick – then go for the Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker. It will match all your needs without having a hefty price tag. You won’t have a timer, but it still makes coffee easy to prepare.

But if you love functionality, then go for the Cuisinart DCC-3200W Programmable Coffeemaker. It comes with every single feature you could need to make coffee preparation easy & convenient.

Whatever you go for, just make sure it matches your needs. The best 4 cup coffee maker is precisely that: the one that goes well with what you’re looking for. Choose accordingly, and you won’t regret it!